I think we rolled over!

It’s Monday again. Monday after quite a weekend!

I was in Audition Idol at the Boulevard Theater in Bay View and it was a BLAST! It was an “American Idol”-esque show with drama instead of singing. There were 6 of us who did this on Thursday and Saturday. We all performed 2 short monologues in front of judges and an audience then got critiqued by the judges. The judges then eliminated 2 people and the other 4 did cold readings (never seeing a script and having no prep time) and got critiqued and coached by the judges. They then chose one winner each night.

I won on Saturday!!! I am still on cloud nine thinking about it! πŸ™‚ I got such amazing coaching, critiques and compliments. See, you have to understand, I have done a little acting in high school, more in college, and then just in churches since college. Most of these other people do it MUCH more than that and some somewhat professionally! They have extensive experience and even headshots! I was WAY out of my league! So it was a GREAT compliment to have made it as far as I did and get the comments I did.

But winning was just the icing on the cake!

I went in to this TERRIFIED! I did this out of obedience. I went in to this wanting to glorify God through it and get to meet more Bay View people and hopefully show that pastors don’t have to be stuffy and lame. I prayed and asked God to use me. I was so excited that I got to tell my fellow contestants on Saturday that I was a pastor and help lead a new church in Bay View. I was happy after that! I could have gone home at that point and felt fulfilled. I was just so happy to share that most of my experience has been in the church!

Then Sunday was a great day! I am seeing God grow this church. I felt like we were a baby who rolled over for the first time on Sunday! If you have been around a baby who rolls over for the first time you know how exciting it is – the milestone that it is! πŸ™‚

We had a worship team on Sunday. We had our worship leader (vocals), a NEW guitarist, and Tim on percussion. It was so awesome! Jodi told me that she heard people sing so much more and worship more than in the past. And Tim doesn’t have the responsibility of playing guitar, practicing and leading worship like he has in the past.

Then we had a training for our Veritas Kids volunteers. We have two people who just stepped up to lead this area – Sara and Zac (2 of our former students from or youth pastor days – we are QUITE proud!). They led this training SO well and are SO passionate about this call on their lives!

I am seeing the “work” of this church being taken over by people who are willing to follow God and do what He asks of them.

This means it is getting out of my and Tim’s hands – which is SO exciting! We are growing! God is setting up some structure for when He brings more people to us. He is freeing Tim and I up more to lead and not DO as much.


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