Maintenance can be bad

I have been really wrecked for a while now about the whole social justice thing and the Church’s (big C) lack of action – overall.  My heart breaks that there are children in this world without clean water, without INEXPENSIVE life saving vaccines, that there are still so many people who don’t have enough food, there there are still slaves and sex slaves in this world, the caste system in India….the list goes on.

The pain in my heart is crippling, unfortunately.

I was watching this video by the band who wrote this song (both videos are short and worth watching!).  He asks “What is the church doing to combat what is going on in this world?”

I got to thinking about why?  Why do all these things still exist in our world when the Church is such a large force?  Why are people who are not following God doing so many greater things to make a difference?  Why doesn’t our relationship with God, our growing to be more and more like Him, why doesn’t that force us to ACTION because there is no other possible response?

The overwhelming thought I got to answer that question was that the church works so hard to maintain.  We maintain our buildings, our size, our people, our budgets, our missions, etc.  Maintenance can be dangerous.  Maintenance does not do radical things.  Maintenance does not change the world.  Maintenance….maintains.

I don’t even like writing this because I don’t know how to fix it.  We desire so strongly at our church to be a force!  We want to make an impact!  Our hearts break for the things that break the heart of God.  We want to not only love the “unloved” because God did love them so passionately, but we want to DO something about it!

I just don’t know how.  I feel like the issues are so big.  That the problems are so overwhelming.  That there are so many people I want to love and do something about.  And I feel so small.  So helpless.  I don’t have money.  I don’t even have much time.  I don’t feel like I have anything but a heart that wants to change their world!

So, I don’t have any wise words.  I feel that God wants me to remember that we (at our church) cannot get caught up in maintaining.  We cannot get comfortable.

But I just don’t know exactly where to go from here.

But I feel that maybe it isn’t time yet.  Maybe God is preparing me, us, our church, for something, but it isn’t time to act…yet.  But I want to be READY to go when He says go!

Or maybe I’m making excuses.  I just don’t know yet.


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