The Bible = Cheesecake and Cocoa?

At church tonight we looked at Nehemiah 6-8.  During the message we enjoyed cheesecake and hot cocoa.  But not just to enjoy some yummy treats as a snack.  It was intentional.

In chapter 8 we see Ezra reading the laws and the people are listening and begin to weep and mourn.  Then, Nehemiah, in 8:10-12, tells the people to stop weeping.  This isn’t a time to mourn, this is a time to celebrate with decadent food and sweet drinks!

All of us had a piece of cheesecake and a cup of cocoa.  Each time we read a portion of scripture we would take a bite and a sip.  We wanted to make the connection between God’s Word and the sweetness in our mouths.

It got me thinking about this concept of God’s Word being sweet goodness.  Sometimes God’s Word stings, it can cut deep.  It is supposed to sometimes.  There are things in our life that need to be refined, re-prioritized, and sometimes removed.

But this is only because God, our Heavenly Father, loves us and wants what is best for us.  I know that can sound so trite, but the more I am challenged by God and stretched, the more I see that.  God’s “laws” are put in place to give us freedom and life.  When God tells us to not get drunk, our human flesh hears a law, a boundary, a no.  But, God tells us not to get drunk because bad things can happen when we are drunk!  We can get in a car accident, make very bad decisions, do things with people we wouldn’t normally do that with, say things we regret, etc.  God’s “law” of don’t get drunk is to protect us and give us freedom to live a life free of the things mentioned above.

This is how I want to read the Bible.  I want to remember that God’s commands, His stories, His Word is like sweet decadent food and sweet drinks.

How do you view the Bible?  What do you associate with what God tells us to do?


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