Looking at the world through Cindy Lou Who’s eyes

This season Caleb got hooked on a couple Christmas movies: Frosty the Snowman and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  He would watch them back to back to back all day if we would let him!  He actually loves to watch the full length Jim Carrey version of the movie!  I never thought he would watch a full movie like that!

I was watching it with him today and one scene jumped out to me.  There is a scene when little Cindy Lou Who is inviting the Grinch to be the “Holiday Cheermeister” eventhough he hates Christmas and the Whos.  In this scene the Grinch is trying so hard to scare her.  He insists that she is terrified in his presence – eventhough she wasn’t scared at all.  At one point she says he needs a time out!  Their dialogue goes back and forth with her telling him calmly that she is not scared in the least and him insisting that she is terrified.

I began to think about little Cindy Lou Who and how she saw the Grinch.  Everyone else was scared of him, disliked him, wouldn’t talk about him, feared him.  Then this little child, instead, saw someone who was sad and lonely – not just cruel and scary.  She took time to find out who he was, why he was like this, where he came from.  She saw the best in him.  She wanted to include him in their Christmas celebration.  She didn’t want him to be alone.

Why don’t we see people that way?

I think sometimes we see people for who they are today and what they do today.  But we don’t take the time to find out WHO they are.  Why are there at this point today?  Why did they choose to live this way now?  Are they lonely?  Angry?  Depressed?  Hurting?  In what ways?

If we took the time to get to know them, I think we would find that we are really no different.  We have different circumstances in our lives, we make different choices sometimes, but deep down we are all the same and seeking many of the same things.

People may try to “scare” you away with who they are or what they’ve done.  I know people in my life who have tried to “shock me” with what they’ve done.  They find out I go to church and think that what they’ve done in life will shock me, scare me, get me to want to leave them, not accept them.

But if we took the time to talk to them, without fear, we could get to know them.

And see them the way God sees them.

We can learn a lot from children!


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