On the eve of an adventure

Tomorrow begins our 21 day fast to seek God.  This is an adventure I’ve never tried before.  This is not something we are doing to get what we want or “earn” our wishes.  It is a time to put aside normal daily routines and make more time to focus on and seek God.

I’m hoping to record some of what goes on, how I feel, what I’m learning, etc. through this process.  I don’t want to miss or forget things.  And who knows, maybe God will be able to share something with you.  I don’t know.

Tonight, I am a mix of emotions.

I am excited out of my mind!  Tim and I have been preparing for this fast by decreasing our food, excluding some items and praying more diligently.  I have ALREADY seen God answer some prayers!!  In order to protect their privacy I won’t share those yet, but let me assure you, I NEVER thought I would see this happen!

I’m excited to see what God is going to do in my, in my family, in my friends, and in our church!  We are seeking Him for big things and really wanting to know Him better.  Be more like Him!

I am also nervous.  I am nervous about the physical aspect of this fast.  We are doing a “Daniel Fast” which means we will only eat fruits and veggies.  At first I thought, wow, that’s still a lot of stuff!  But, I’ve been coming up to how much is EXCLUDED from that menu!

I have big issues with food.  I am not staying silent on that anymore.  I am sacrificing that area of control in my life during this fast.  I am begging God to break the chains that food has on my and free me!  I am NOT using this fast as a diet!  {Believe me!  If I wanted to diet I would do something a lot easier!}  Every time I have been hungry in the last several days I have been praying, “God, I want You more than food.  I want You to nourish me.  I want to give this area up to You so that it doesn’t have this hold on me.  HELP ME!”

And He does.

I’m not saying it’s easy!  But it is SO worth it.

I’m also nervous about what God is going to say.  What is He going to tell me?  What is He going to ask me to do?  What am I going to see when He shows me parts of myself He wants to work on?

But I have no doubt that this is what we are supposed to do!  I look forward to sharing this journey!


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