God blesses those who mourn…

…for they will be comforted,” Matthew 5:4

I never understood that verse like I did today.

Today Tim and I traveled to Colorado to Blessing Ranch.  It is a miracle that we were able to come here.  Thanks to friends and family making this possible, we will be spending the next five days in intense counseling and retreat.  We will get 20 hours of one on one counseling as well as assignments to do in the off time.

Today was such a difficult day.  Tim and I have been separated for the last almost three weeks.  We have not been talking much.  It has been difficult at times to be around him.

Today I had to spend the whole day traveling with him.  I had to leave Caleb for six days.  And I had to miss a very important meeting about the future of Veritas.  As well as thinking about what is to come this week.  I’m thinking it’s not going to be easy.

It was a really tough day.  I know I did the right thing.  God provided in miraculous ways for us to be here.  But it was still. so. hard.

I was in a lot of pain today.  All different kinds at all different times.  I was mourning a lot.

But I felt God’s presence in ways I never have before.

It wasn’t like I saw Him or anything.  Nothing miraculous happened.  I just felt God.  I felt Him on my heart.  I wish I could explain it.  I felt like He was, at times, physically holding my broken heart in His Hands.  It didn’t make it all go away.  The ache was still there.  But I wasn’t in pain alone.  I knew He was with me in my pain.

That is a blessing.  If I have to go through this, I’m glad I can trust the promises of the Bible and know that God will bless me by comforting me.

I wrote this post on February 7 but wasn’t able to post it until now.  This is how I started my week.  More from my time away will be coming!


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