I realized today that things will never be “back to normal”.

That normal will never exist again.

That’s kind of a sobering thought.

It makes it kinda rough too.  I guess when life is hard, in other instances, the comfort comes in “well, one day things will be back to normal”.  That will never happen again.  I’m in this limbo.  Life is totally different now.  There is no normal.

And I don’t want what “normal” was before.

I have hope that the “new normal”, WHENEVER that gets here, is better.  Better than life ever was before.

But that is so far away.  It’s hard to life in this weird place right now.  It’s hard to not have a “normal”.  I don’t want what I have now to be my new “normal”.


2 thoughts on ““Normal”

  1. Learning to trust again is the hardest thing to do. I pray that you will be able to do that.

    Normal? The normal was that God never left you. And he never will. Relish that!

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