While I was at Blessing Ranch I told our counselor that I was afraid of looking, or being, weak by taking Tim back.

Let me explain.

We’ve all seen in the past few years the politicians, pastors, people in places of influence having affairs on their wives.  While they are giving their press conference or interview and stating what they’ve done and how sorry they are, their wife just stands there, by his side, silent.  Silent, but appearing to support their husband.

Those always infuriated me.  I felt like they looked so weak.  Why would they just stand there?  Why would they take that man back?  How could they tolerate that kind of behavior?  How could they allow themselves to be walked on like that?

He gave me some good perspective.  He said if, and only if, you take “the grit” out of their story are they weak.  “The grit” is all the heart piercing hard work, tears, and agony that they had to go through to get to the point of taking their husbands back.

“The grit” sucks!  It is NOT for the weak!  The duration of it is different for everyone.  There is no plan for it.  No one does it the same.  There are no neatly laid out steps for it.  There is nothing easy about it.  It is messy.  Painful.  Hard.  And necessary to be healthy on the other side.

I am ashamed that I thought of those women as weak.  If they’ve gone through “the grit”, they are anything but weak.  Whether they stay with their husband or not, if they’ve gone through “the grit” to get healthy, they are not weak.

I am going through “the grit”.  It sucks.  It’s hard.  It hurts.  But it’s necessary.


8 thoughts on “Grit

  1. Vicky- I agree. I am praying for you, as you travel down the path God has set you on. You WILL find wholeness, healing, and a fullness, just keep your eyes on Jesus.

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  3. Vicky, I never fully knew what an amazingly eloquent writer you are! Girl, you could write a book! Thank you for allowing us to journey with you through this season. I pray that as you pour out your heart in words, God would heal, restore and bring beauty from ashes.

    • thanks meesh! i NEVER thought i was a writer! but this is just a good outlet and helps me process things.
      thank you for your prayers. i pray the same thing!!!! i just want God to get glory! satan WON’T win!

    • I’m sorry you’re in this spot, but you’re not alone! sometimes it’s good to know you aren’t the only one to feel a certain way!! i pray that you cling to God and walk through this with Him so He can comfort you and mold you to be more like Him.

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