This just isn’t right

I just got news that a very dear friend of mine just had a miscarriage.  They have been struggling with infertility for over a year.  She was 10 weeks along.

To say that they were overjoyed and thankful for this miracle is an understatement.

The pain I’m feeling for them tonight is gut wrenching.  I won’t even pretend I know what they are going through.  At all.  But I know as a friend I am weeping and hurting so badly for them.

The message we watched tonight at church dealt with this very issue.  When we feel that God has let us down, He is there IN the pain with us.  We looked at Joseph in Genesis.  He had gone through so much abandonment, suffering and pain, but God makes it clear He was there with Joseph.

But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. Genesis 39:21

I know in my head that God is with them right now.  He is with them IN their pain.  This doesn’t surprise God.  He is I AM.

But my heart hurts.  The broken pieces of my heart are breaking more tonight.  This isn’t right.  I can’t sit here and ask God why or I’ll go crazy wondering about the answer.  I am trying to trust Him.  I do see in His Word, the Bible, that He is with them.  He loves them even more than I do and knows just what they need.  He can give them peace and comfort and healing.  They are amazing people.  I believe they will seek that road.  I believe they will look to their loving Heavenly Father to be I AM.

But this just isn’t right.

I ask you to join me in praying for them right now and for their road of healing to come.

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