Choosing Joy

Today was a hard day.  It’s been a hard week.  And my posts as of late have been quite the downers in some ways.

So, I decided to follow my friend Slightly Cosmopolitan and intentionally find and focus on something that brings me joy instead.  At least for a little bit.  As she says, “fake it til you make it!”

Caleb.  He is my joy.  Those eyes, that laugh, the funny way he talks, his dancing, his curiosity, the way he likes to cuddle with mommy.  He can be difficult (he is 2.5 afterall!), but he has been a treasure through this past month and a half.  He may very well be the reason I’m still here sometimes.

He’s always made such funny faces!

There is just nothing better than how he laughs holding NOTHING back!

What did I say about the funny faces???  🙂

My future is so bright I gotta wear shades!

I just LOVE this one!  The huge grin, I can hear him giggling!  He LOVES the slides!!!

I don’t know which is more beautiful…God’s creation of the sunset or His creation of Caleb!

Playing with such JOY!  He loves life!

So, there, I need to focus on the amazing gift God has given me.  He makes me smile and helps my heart.  I love you, my sweet angel!


8 thoughts on “Choosing Joy

    • i sure think so!! 🙂 i don’t tend to take pictures of his”monster moments”. but that’s ok, i like to remember him like this! i can’t tell you how therapeutic it was to post this blog post tonight! thanks for the idea my friend!

  1. Vicky
    My heart to ached for you as I read your comment over on Cindi B’s so I wanted to jump over and tell you I am praying for you. My husband is the associate minister @ our church…ministry can be hard…we have had several friends find themselves in the same situation you are. I just want you to know. I am praying for you and thank for sharing your heart on here.
    Steph T.

  2. Vicky,
    I ran across your comment on Cindy B’s blog, and just had to check out your “story”. See, a year and a half ago my husband disclosed his affair – but his choice was to see if that was “it”. We have been separated since, with a handful of he want’s “us” again. I applaud you. You are not weak for choosing to stay. It takes courage and great strength. Through one of the sites I frequent, I listened to a pod cast on the teaching of 1 Peter, and standing for marriages. In it, it talks about that we are CHOSEN for this storm. God knew we could withstand it, and that we would lean on Him for our strength.

    Dispite the fact that my husband is using the “d” word, I continue to stand for my marriage.

    God Blessing to you and your family.

  3. you need to enlarge the slide one and put it up in your house. What a FANTASTIC picture! The colors, the expression, the pose. LOVE IT!

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