Veritas Kids

With Veritas’ last gathering looming over me this coming Sunday, I am flooded with so many memories of this journey with this church.  The ups, the downs, the people, the crazy adventure this has been.

And I am sad.  So sad.  I am going to MISS SO many people and things about this church.

Tonight as I was putting Caleb to bed he asked to pray for his friends “K” and “C”.  He always remembers to pray for them.  They are his little buddies.  He doesn’t have any siblings, he doesn’t go to daycare, and the one kid his age in my family lives too far away for us to visit often.  So, church is his only social time.  And he LOVES it!

My heart is SO sad at the thought of him not having Veritas Kids anymore.  My heart breaks at the thought of taking him to all different churches in the coming weeks as we search for a church home.  He won’t have his familiar teachers or his little buddies.

You have NO IDEA how BLESSED we were with Veritas Kids!  My 2 year old was memorizing Bible verses…complete with hand motions so he could remember them!  I am in awe at what these Veritas Kids teachers were able to accomplish with these little 2 and 3 year olds.  They put time and effort into TEACHING them the Bible; the stories, the principles, the lessons, all at their level.  Caleb actually loved to sit on the red blanket and do the rules!   All week he is ALWAYS asking to go to church!

I can’t believe that is all over.  I can’t believe he won’t be going to church with “K” and “C”, and learn from his teachers.  I know most churches don’t really teach kids this young, but Veritas Kids did.  They knew that God could speak to their little hearts and didn’t want to waste one moment not speaking into their lives.

They challenged me to be a better mom.  They reminded me to teach the principles of love and kindness, because God tells us to, to Caleb no matter how young he is.  This may be elementary to some parents, but not me.  My degree is in Youth Ministry – jr. high and older!  I have NO idea what to do with little ones!

The people who led Veritas Kids were amazing.  They did such a great job, they loved these kids, they loved God, and did their BEST to share Him with them.  I can’t imagine my life without Veritas Kids.

I am writing this while weeping.  I love these people and what they did not only for God’s Kingdom, but for bringing His Kingdom to these precious little children.  I don’t know what I’m going to do without them.

God, please bless those people.  Thank you for how they have poured into Caleb’s life.  Please help me to continue what they’ve started.  Thank you for Veritas Kids.


2 thoughts on “Veritas Kids

  1. It is SO hard to watch our kids go through transitions we wish they didn’t have to go through!!! He will adjust – kids seem so much more skilled at it than adults. But that doesn’t make it an ounce easier for you to watch!

    As an aside, have you seen The Jesus Storybook Bible? It helped me so much when talking to Gabe about Jesus. I felt the same way – I’ve worked with older kids. Little kids – especially my own little kid – was overwhelming! This Bible is so unique but so powerful. It even challenges Tahd and me in our faith. If you don’t have it you might enjoy it. Not that it has any bearing on where you go or Caleb’s transition, but when you mentioned him in this way it made me think of this Bible!

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