It’s the little things

Life feels very overwhelming sometimes these days.  Like there is just SO much to do and figure out and take care of.

I like to-do lists.  I like CROSSING THINGS OFF my do-do list I should say!  I have not been doing well at making them lately which is bad.  When I leave them in my head I forget things and it stresses me out.  I need to get back to making lists.

But, yesterday and today I am knocking things off my “list”!  And it feels good!  I had to do something for home that I was dreading, and I got it done yesterday and it wasn’t so bad.  It felt so good to get that done.

I have a lot of loose ends to tie up with Veritas closing and am dreading doing those.  But they are getting done.  Little by little.  And they are not so bad.  And it feels good to get them done!

I have been able to do some design work the last couple days which is fun for me.  And I feel productive and useful.  That feels good!

And yesterday I got to play outside with Caleb.  That felt good!

So, it’s the little things that can be a little pick-me-up.  Getting things done so they are no longer rolling around in my head stressing me out feels good!

And, spring is here…that feels REALLY GOOD!


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