Out of the mouths of babes!

We’ve entered that phase.  Caleb is repeating what he hears.  And even using it in appropriate ways sometimes!  Slapping it right back in my face!

We surprised Caleb with a basketball hoop, his size, to play with.  He L O V E S it!  So, anyway, Tim went in the house to get it and I stayed outside with Caleb.  I told him he was going to get a surprise (he loves surprises).  So, he says:

“Hmmm, could it be?  Think, think.  Hmmmmm, could it be?”

WHERE did he get that???  I was laughing SO hard.  Where do kids come up with this stuff?

So, I was trying to put the basket on the basketball hoop we just got Caleb.  I was getting VERY irritated.  It should NOT have been that hard to get those annoying little pieces of fabric hoop into the tiny little holes….but I digress.  I must have been visibly irritated because Caleb says to me:

“Be patient, mommy.”

Oh. my. goodness!!!!  Yes, he did say that me!

See, I’ve been working on patience with Caleb.  When he needs to wait I tell him to be patient.  He understands this concept because of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie he got for Christmas.  Donald Duck has learn to be patient.  So Caleb has a context for this lesson.

And apparently he’s learned it, at least a little.  And I guess I have not.  Or at least not to Caleb’s standard!  I just died laughing when he said that me!!

On another occasion, Tim and I were talking in the car and, jokingly ,I told him to shut up.  So, what do I hear from the back seat?

The sweetest little voice say, “Shut up!”

{Smack palm directly to forehead!}

Yes, he is now repeating just about everything.  And I have to watch my words even more!

Nothing like a 2 year old to give you a good look at yourself!


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