Sometimes it takes time

The side of our house with grass starting to grow in

When we moved into our house there was no street next to us and nothing but woods behind us. It was beautiful.

But, the day we closed on the house the construction began.  They built condos behind us and therefore put a street in, and a sidewalk.  In order to do this they had to tear up all the grass and ground even a little into our yard.

We were brand new first time homeowners and therefore wanted a nice yard.  We got some grass seed and tried so hard to get grass to grow in our yard.  We had to water it every day, make sure and not walk on it, do whatever we could to try to get this grass seed to take root!

There was also the stretch of ground between the new sidewalk and the road that was all torn up and dirt full of rocks and weeds, etc.  We didn’t want to spend any money on grass seed for all that – it was the city’s after all!

Anyway, we are now six years away down the road.  The grass is all grown in and beautiful.  By looking at it you would never have known that the ground was all ripped up and the dirt was full of rocks and gravel – seemingly unable to grow grass.

But now, it is all filled in and needs to be mowed every week.  It looks nice.

It just needed some time.  It needed some work, a little TLC, and time to fill in.  To let the grass spread and take good roots.

I feel like life, right now, got all ripped up.  And there is soil there, but there’s a lot of rocks and gravel that needs to be taken out.  Good seed laid down.  Lots of water, sun, some TLC…and time.

LOTS of HARD work……..and time.

Time to let it fill in, take good, deep root, and flourish.

Maybe I’m reading into things.  But I like nature.  I love seeing things come back to life in the spring and become beautiful again.  I know time isn’t the only factor, but as I looked at our yard the other day and remembered back to when we moved in, this is what I got.

And that’s what I need to focus on.  Doing the hard work so life can flourish and be beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes time

    • thanks em! gotta find what you can where you can, right?!? 🙂 i’m just thankful God is showing me stuff and not leaving me to fend for myself these days! 🙂

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