Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Mother’s Day is hard for a lot of people.  Father’s Day is hard for me – if I could sleep through that day and just avoid it, I would.  I know that there are many people who feel the same way about Mother’s Day for different reasons.  I pray for God’s strength and peace for them.  I pray that God would hold them and that they would feel and acknowledge His presence.

I am blessed enough to have a mom who is still with me and who has given me a lot over they years!

For most of my childhood my mom was a single mom.  I can’t believe all that she did, alone, with and for my sister and I.  She drove us to school early for choir practice, picked me up late from musical rehearsals, ballet on the weekends, youth group every week, a teen girl wanting to hang out at the mall with my friends after church, etc.  I can’t even imagine how many miles were put on the care in my junior and senior high years!

And if I could have half the creativity she does I would be so happy!  For my thirteenth birthday she did “This is Your Life”!  She had pictures put into a slide show, she wrote a whole script to go with it, and brought special people from my whole life to the party!  She dug up a friend from elementary school AND a teacher from (I think) third grade!  All the special guests said something where I couldn’t see them and had to guess who they were.  She made a beautiful scrapbook of pictures and letters from them all.  It was amazing!  Where does she come up with stuff like that?

We had countless movie nights with my mom, my sister and I – complete with jammies, chips and “ooey-gooeys” (that’s just what we called our special treat).  And where do you think I got my obsession with Christmas??

Mom worked hard to teach us life lessons that would serve us well.  She taught us to be responsible, confident, giving and loving.  Church was always a priority!  She was always supportive.  I can’t even count how many choir concerts, plays, and musicals she attended.  Or how many science fair projects she helped with, papers that HAD to printed when we had no ink at home, or late night study sessions she helped with.

And there’s always the “mom-isms”!  Tradition is very important!  In fact, she would sing the line from “Fiddler on the Roof” ANY chance she got to remind us!  She never missed  a chance to remind us that “mom knows best!”  And she wanted to give us a realistic picture of life by reminding us “I never promised you a bed of roses.”

I’m so thankful to have mom in my life.  I love my mom and don’t know what I would do without her!

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