Tim showed me this video the other day.  It is powerful.  It made us cry.

We’ve been having a hard time lately feeling very alone.  Isolated.  Being in ministry does not lend itself to having lots of friends.  At least it didn’t for us.  The people we knew from our “old life” work in ministry.  That was our connection to them.  Now, we don’t work in ministry anymore, so that connection is lost for the most part.  We didn’t have a lot of people who were really FRIENDS.  People who just liked Tim and Vicky, NOT Pastor Tim and Pastor Vicky.

So we watched this clip and both of us were crying.  We wanted so much to have that kind of coach right now as we trudge through this.

But I’m tired of “complaining” about what I feel that I don’t have.

I felt like God was reminding me that HE is that coach.  HE is here with each of us in our pain, doubt, fear.  HE is telling us to keep going, to keep following Him, to keep obeying Him.

The line that really got me was when the football player said, “Coach, it hurts.”  And the coach replied, “I know it hurts, but you’ve got more in you, keep going!”

I need that reminder.  I need to remember that I have more in me, because I have God working in me.  I have more in me.  I can keep going, even when it feels like I can’t.

I just wish God would yell in my ear like that.  But God whispers.  I just wish He talked louder.

And then, if that wasn’t enough, I got another “idea” from God.  This one was harder.

I felt like God was saying we need to be that coach for one another now.  It’s hard to hear that I need to be that for Tim.  It’s hard to hear that I need to encourage him, push him to keep going, remind him he has more in him to keep going.

But it’s the truth.  And we both need that right now.


4 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Aw hon. What a beautiful thing to say, and what a difficult thing to experience. I can be your long distance coach when Tim is working long hours. 🙂 love you!

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