Cleaning the closets

I spent some time today cleaning out cabinets and my closet.  I threw away some shoes and clothes I’ve been hanging onto “just in case”.  No, not just-in-case-I-fit-into-them-again.  Instead, it was the weird circumstance I “NEEDED” them. These pants and shoes had holes in them.  One pair of shoes I would try to not wear if it rained because the holes in the soles were so big my feet got wet with every step.  WHEN am I going to “need” them???  Yes, I have a problem.

But I threw those pants and shoes out today.  I rearranged things.  I put away my winter clothes (since it is like 85 degrees today all of a sudden!).  I went through a couple cabinets in the kitchen, threw out expired coupons (is it bad I found some coupons that expired in February of 2009???), finally put away sippy cups (Caleb uses the ones with a straw now, and has for quite some time – I told you, I have a problem!), etc.

I cleaned areas of the house that people don’t see.  I’m not usually that kind of cleaner.  I am not a great housekeeper.  Sad, but true.  I tend to clean the big areas that you see.  I like to walk into a clean house.  It’s calming.  But I don’t like what I have to do to get that clean house!  Anyway, I digress.  I tend to clean the rooms and areas you see the most.  I don’t often clean out closets and cabinets.  I tend more often to stuff things in them to get them out of sight so I can have that calming feeling when I walk into a room.

Whoa, confession time there!  No one come to my house and look in the cabinets!

As I was doing this today I felt like this is what I am doing in life right now.  The outside doesn’t look much different, but the inside is changing.  The part that people don’t see is getting cleaned up, things are getting thrown away and rearranged.  It’s hard work.  And at the end of the day you don’t see it unless you open the cabinets and look.

That’s what we’ve been doing.  Tim and I have talked more in the last four months than we have, possibly, for our whole marriage.  But we are opening up the cabinets to each other and looking inside.  Showing each other what is in there and what we have been cleaning.

It’s good.  It’s necessary.

But, (back to the literal house, not the figurative one) when I spend time cleaning out the closets and cabinets, I run out of time to clean the parts of the house you DO see!  Bummer!  But hey, I can go to bed tonight knowing that my shoes are all paired up and clothes are neatly folded on the shelf and hanging on their hangers behind those closed doors.  And that will be nice too.  Just don’t come over right now because I didn’t get to vaccuum, or dust, or do the floors, or…..


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