I am not an athlete.  However, I did do ballet from age 3 to 17, and all ballerinas know that ballet IS the HARDEST sport!  But, thankfully I didn’t ever endure an injury.

However, I think I understand the basics of rehabilitation.

Tim and I have been using rehab as an analogy for this process.  There are times when we stretch far, and then we have to take a break.  Not a break from this process, we don’t stop working on this, but we have to take a breather.

Saturday was a HUGE stretch.  And I’m feeling the burn!!

That does NOT mean I regret it or think it was a bad choice.  I went back and forth a lot over the month or so leading up to our renewal ceremony.  I would want to cancel it, then I would want to do it, then I would feel anxious about it, then I would be excited for it.  But at the end of the day, I was so glad we did it.  It was definitely the right thing for us to do.

But it was still a big stretch.

And I’m feeling the burn.

There are a whole new set of emotions, things to deal with in my head, pray through.  And so I need a breather.  I need a rest so that I can catch up to what happened.

It was a good stretch, but it was a big one, and it hurts.  And now we need to let the muscles catch up.

Just another step in this process.

I wish there was some sort of point system.  Like if we acquire a certain amount of points we conquer the game and this could be over!

But that’s not the way life works.

So for now, today, I am resting after my rehab session.

It’s hard, and it hurts, but right now I’m hanging in there.


One thought on “Rehabilitation

  1. I totally know what you mean! Your renewal ceremony was beautiful and you both did a great job of keeping the day in perspective. It was a wonderful milemarker on your journey!! Love you both!

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