A hard day’s work!

I’m taking a break from all the affair stuff and emotions and all that.  Instead I get to share with you what we did today!

I don’t have a job right now.  I work at home taking care of Caleb, and…the home I guess.  This leaves me home to think.  A lot.  I can also get bored and impulsive – not a great combination sometimes!

We have lived in this house (our first house) for almost six years.  Four years ago we put in these planter boxes in the front of the house, but didn’t have the money to fill them with anything.  And then the next summer I was very pregnant, and with a baby and starting a church there wasn’t really any time (or money) to fill them with anything.  So they sat.  For the last four years!  Empty and accumulating leaves, grass and lots of weeds!

The front of our house has looked AWFUL this whole time!  I’m embarrassed.  But we don’t use the front door so we don’t really have to see it unless we go to get the mail.  But I know it’s there.  And I want it to look good!

Pretty awful, huh?!?!!?

Last night I decided it was time to do something about that!  We ventured out to Lowe’s and bought a bunch of stuff!  Now, remember, I know NOTHING about gardening, planting flowers, etc.  I just wanted to dive in and give it a whirl!

So we got started this morning a little before 10am.  The weather was perfect for this today!  It was high 60s, very overcast (we were waiting for it to rain at any minute) but never rained, a nice cool breeze, it was wonderful!  I worked for probably six or seven hours JUST to get the prep work done!  There were THAT many weeds and things to get moved OUT of the flower beds and planter boxes!

I thought Caleb would really get into this!  What 2.5 year old boy doesn’t want to play in the dirt, get all muddy, look at bugs and all with mom’s permission?  My child, that’s who!  He got bored with the garden tools in a couple minutes.  That made this whole process longer than it had to be!

All cleaned out and ready to go!

Come dinner time we couldn’t be bothered with providing nourishment for our child, so we ordered a pizza!  We couldn’t take a break, daylight was fading fast, so we ate outside while we worked!  It was kinda fun!

I had some wonderful friends give me some flowers and when they were added to the ones I bought, I think I actually have too many.  Which is funny to me because I so thought I wouldn’t have enough!

So, tomorrow, weather permitting, I’m really hoping to finish planting my wonderful flowers.  But first, Tim has to finish putting those planter boxes together!  So….this is how far we got for day one.  Not too bad, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a 2.5 year old.  Get a babysitter, it will go easier!

I hurt from head to toe.  I really don’t think I’m going to be able to move tomorrow.  I got dirty, sweaty, dirty, sticky, and dirty!  But I loved it!  I think that was pretty good for a hard day’s work!


2 thoughts on “A hard day’s work!

  1. Look at your garden grow!! I love your firewitch/dianthis (or whatever it is – the pretty pink flowers with the spikey leaves). 🙂

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