I feel like my child hates me!

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Ok, I need some input from any of you moms who have or have had toddlers.

I feel like my child hates me these days!

Caleb was such a wonderful, angel baby!  We were constantly thanking God for such an easy baby with the best disposition.  He slept well, he was happy, loved to be cuddled and played with, he was just great!

I thought we were going to get by without a huge bout with the “terrible twos” but it turns out they were just a little later in coming.

He just seems to be so much better with Grammie and with people at church than with me.  I feel like I step into the room and he becomes defiant and crabby!

I was thrust into being a stay at home mom without warning or decision to do so and at the same time am dealing with intense emotional and relational stress (inside my home and outside), and have no church.  I guess this is not a great combination.

I just feel like a failure as a mom.  I feel like I just discipline him ALL THE TIME.  I don’t have the energy I want to play with him and I can’t keep him entertained all the time.  It’s probably worse lately because Tim has been working crazy long hours this week and ALL weekend, so I’ve been alone with him a lot recently.

Sometimes I just feel like he hates me and I’m the worst mom ever!  I know these years are so important and I don’t want to screw him up!

Any other moms ever felt that way?

I guess I’m not really looking for parenting strategies, just seeing if others feel this way.  My mom says that it was the same when my sister and I went to my Grama’s house – when mom came to get us we started acting up.  I hope it’s sorta normal, I just was curious to see if any other moms felt this way.


3 thoughts on “I feel like my child hates me!

  1. Hey Vicky. Just wanted to tell you … EVERY, yes I mean EVERY mom has felt that way. I was just saying this last week. I’ve felt this way before … and I will probably feel that way again.

    You aren’t doing anything wrong. Kids go through seasons of major boundary testing. My 6 year old is doing it again right now. But just remember … “this too shall pass.” I know it might feel like it won’t pass somedays, but it will.

    Shoot me an email if you need to chat! You’re a great mom and love your sweet boy like crazy … hang in there, friend!

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