Shameless Plug

I want to introduce you to VDub Designs!

You may have seen the VDub Designs logo to the right here and wondered, “Huh, I wonder what that is!”  Well, let me tell you about it.

VDub Designs is my graphic design business.  I love doing it!  It is a wonderful creative outlet for me and it brings me such joy to help people advertise their business, event, etc.  I not only am able to create the publications, but also help the client think through what they are looking for.  Through asking questions I can help to narrow the focus and get the most out of your project.

I have worked with different churches to create graphics for topical series, weekly bulletins, posters, banners, T-shirts, mailers, business cards, special event advertising, and logos, etc.  I have also worked with businesses and people outside the church for their advertising as well.

I love working with people.  I love helping you and your organization make the most of your event and communicate your message most effectively.

Do you need a new business card design?

Does your organization have a fall kick-off coming up you want to advertise?

Does your church have a ministry that needs advertising, a logo, a mailer for a big summer event coming up?

Does your business need a new way to bring in clients?

And if you mention that you saw me on my blog I’ll even give you a 10% discount!

Let’s talk and see how we can team up to communicate your message most effectively!


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