He needs it too

I haven’t written about Tim much.  I’ve really tried to keep my posts to my thoughts and what God is showing me through all of this.  I don’t want to speak for him or dive into his privacy.  This is my blog and therefore my opinions.

But I wanted to ask you to pray for him too.

That is a big step for me.  I think I’m softening.  I think I’m inching toward forgiving.  Because I want some good for him.  At least now anyway.  😉

This is hard for him too.  I forget that a lot of times.  I can become so blinded by my own pain that I forget that he is hurting too.  Differently, but still hurting.

And he has a lot of work to do too.  And he has a lot on his plate.  And he has a lot to work through.

So, please, if you pray for me, pray for Tim too.  He needs it too.



4 thoughts on “He needs it too

  1. Absolutely! When God brings you to my heart, I always pray for both you and Tim. Praying God continues to soften and bring healing.

  2. This is the first time that I have read any of your blogs. It is also the last. It is not that I have no sympathy for what you have been through, because I do. Rather, I find it sad that in a world where nothing seems to last, you have chosen to hold on to a mistake. You want a happier future? Forgive him, forgive yourself, forgive anyone you need to forgive and move on. Let it go and move on. It is as hard and as simple as that.

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