Three years ago today….

…was a crazy amazing day.

I was scheduled to have a C-section on Saturday, but I went into labor Thursday morning about 4:30 in the morning.  Immediately my contractions were five minutes apart.  And I had back labor – the most horrible pain I’ve ever had!!  Tim almost left the house without a shirt on because he was so frazzled.  He drove at least 70mph – we even had to be flagged ahead by a police car.

When we got to the hospital they had to move FAST!  Because I am Type 1 diabetic my doctor was concerned (in my opinion over paranoid) about the baby so I had a c-section.  And I needed to get in the OR STAT!

He was a perfect, beautiful, healthy baby boy!  9lbs 2 oz.

That day changed our lives in a BIG way!  I can’t believe it’s been three years.  In some ways it seems like he’s always been with us, in some ways it seems like I just brought him home from the hospital!

I have tried hard to embrace all the stages.  I try not to hurry through any phase.  I loved seeing all his firsts…his first smile, his first laugh, his first bath, his first word, his first steps…So many special moments.

I tried to keep those in mind when he was screaming and crying all night, when I couldn’t see straight from lack of sleep…and now the temper tantrums.  🙂

I love the ways HE says words: he couldn’t say Caleb so he said K-bo, dinosin for dinosaur, bassehball for basketball…the list goes on.  I cry a little inside every time he starts pronouncing something right.

Caleb's first birthday!

He loves to help!  He loves to help clean, help make his lunch, load the dishwasher, almost anything.  It makes him happy to help.

He is caring.  He gets upset when someone around him is sad or hurting or crying.  He is concerned about what is wrong with them and wants to make it better.

He is funny!  The kid is a riot sometimes!  He loves to laugh, he loves to make people around him laugh.  He loves to be silly.  He loves to be tickeled!

He loves to play drums and dance and read books.  Oh yeah, and basketball!

He can be difficult, as all three year olds can be, but he is so precious.  He is such a treasured gift.  I love that he still wants to snuggle with mommy.  I love that my hugs can make him feel better.  I love that I get to teach him, pray with him, play with him.

Life has been hard this week, this weekend.  I wish I had better words to commemorate his three years.  The words and treasures are in my heart, I just can’t get them out right now.

He is such a treasure.  I pray that God would mold him and shape him to be the amazing man I know he has in him.  I pray that God would mold me to be His hands and words in Caleb’s life.

I love that kid.  Three years already…just doesn’t seem possible!

P.S. Picking these pictures was impossible!  There are so many great ones over his three years!  But you would be bored to tears if I posted all the ones I loved!  So, these will have to do!  🙂


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