It’s happened to me too!

When Tim and I started talking about Caleb going to pre-school I was nothing but excited for him.  And yes, I will admit, a tiny bit looking forward to a couple hours to myself a few days a week.  But I was just planning on working on design jobs and grocery shopping and that kind of thing, so I’m not planning on getting a manicure every week or anything like that!

I’m excited for him to be with other kids and learning with them.  He has no siblings or any cousins or anything so he spends all his time with adults.  That’s not a BAD thing, but I was really looking forward to his time to socialize with other kids and get some education while playing!

Anyway, I didn’t feel the “grief” of Caleb growing up and going to school like I’d heard other moms lament about this time.  I thought for sure I was going to come through this phase unscathed.

I was wrong!

The other day Caleb got on his bike…his new two wheel (with training wheels) big boy bike he got for his birthday… ALL.BY. HIMSELF!  Apparently Daddy taught him how to get on his bike alone without any help.  So Caleb hopped on his bike all by himself and I just burst into tears!

I was literally crying!

I started crying and saying “he can get on his bike all by himself and he’s going to SCHOOL in the fall!!!  And we just took down the baby gate!  And he’s going to school in the fall!”

Ya, it happened to me too.  I did not get through this school phase unscathed!

I’m still excited for him.  I just feel this weird time warp thing.  Like, now that he is starting pre-school, it all starts happening and time is speeding up!  He will now be going to school for at least the next 15 years, then he’ll be going to college and then moving out and then getting married and he’s not going to need his mommy anymore and it all starts in a month!!!

{do you hear me hyperventilating a little????}

Yup, it’s happened to me too.  He’s starting school.  And I’m losing my baby!


2 thoughts on “It’s happened to me too!

  1. They grow too fast, don’t they? I didn’t do the grieving thing when my kids went off to school, probably because since they were each about 8 weeks old, I’ve always had to work. School was no big deal after being in Day Care their entire lives. He’s too cute!

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