Maybe we’re not alone afterall

I’m blogging this because I HAVE to record and remember this.

It’s no secret we/I am not doing great at the moment.

But God is working to break through the wall of darkness I have let consume me.

There are people out there who have walked this road and succeeded.  There are people who have a life and marriage more full than they ever dreamed.  They made it because of God at work in them and because they did incredibly hard work.

And I am able to reach out to them, virtually, and they are willing to help. I’m so thankful for their willingness to help.  Because we need help.  We haven’t been asking for enough help.  We can’t do this alone anymore.  God is putting people, articles, blogs in my path to help.  But I need to do some of the hard work too.

I don’t have a lot of fight left in me, but I still have a little.  I gotta tap into that and cling MORE to God, spend time with Him, listen for Him, allow Him to break me.

Or else this situation will break me.

And I CAN’T let that happen!

I’m writing this now because I don’t know how long this feeling will stick around.  I don’t know how long this resolve will last.  But I need to document it so I can remember it was REAL.  God DID encourage me, even if just for a few moments.  He is still here.  He hasn’t given up.  He’s not done yet.

Carry me Abba.


2 thoughts on “Maybe we’re not alone afterall

  1. You are so right. He has much work left to do and He will strengthen you along the way. He will continue to give you resolve. You are much stronger than you know.

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