“I wanna go to SOOL!”

Caleb LOVES preschool!

I’ve been really busy and exhausted.  I wanted to get pictures and an update up sooner, but I just haven’t had the energy.  HOWEVER, I wanted to make sure and get some pictures up!

This one is my FAVORITE! He was SO excited!

He also LOVED having his own backpack! I think he looks like a little model in this one! 🙂

He loved the magnifying glasses!

I don’t have any little girls around, so this was a FUNNY interaction to me.  Caleb and this little girl were looking at the same picture of a bear.  This is LITERALLY how it went: Caleb growled as loud and ferociously as he could, while the little girl said “Aw, how cute!”  I still laugh at that!

More magnifying glasses....

This one was great!  He was using the magnifying glass to “look for clues!”  He hunches over a little bit and hunts for clues.  When you ask him what the clues are for, he has no answer, he just needs to look for clues!  Here he even got another kid and his mom in on the hunt!
On Friday he had half of the time without me there.  I wasn’t sure how he was going to handle that.  I didn’t know if he would cry or not want me to go.  But he did GREAT!  He had NO issue with me leaving!  I’ve been asked if that made me sad, but it really didn’t. It made me feel more sure that sending him to preschool was the right thing to do.  He’s ready.  This is going to be really good for him.
Monday will be his first full day without me there.  And he can’t wait!  He asks everyday, sometimes more than once a day, if he can go to “sool!”  I’m so excited for him.  I’m just so happy that he is getting something good, some joy, some gift among all this mess!  I’m so happy for him!

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