That dang brain!

I read this post from Cindy Beall a little while ago and it has been rolling around in my head a lot lately.  This idea has come up A LOT lately.


The things that flood this dang brain of mine.

Thoughts. all. the. time!

Do you know what I mean?  If you’re like me you can’t turn off your brain!  Tim says this is NOT an issue of his….which has and continues to frustrate me to no end.  My brain seems to ALWAYS be running.  Sometimes in so many different directions all at once!

Satan really likes to use my brain against me.  Because thoughts lead very quickly (instantly perhaps) to feelings.  Emotions.  Another pesky issue of mine!

He likes to flood my brain with thoughts, images, phrases, lies.  And they get stuck.  Wedged so deeply in my brain.  And they just play over and over.  And over and over.


I can combat them with scripture.  With praying scripture.  With calling out to God to save me from myself.

I have been praying “the armor of God” a lot these days.  Mainly the “helmet of salvation” to protect my mind from all the destructive thoughts that lead to horrible emotions.  And also that my “shield of faith” would grow to protect me from the “fiery darts” that tend to overtake me.

I’ve been praying this for Tim a lot also.  We both are being bombarded quite heavily in this area.

In our counseling this was one of the first things that she discussed with us.  She had a flow chart of sorts that showed one of two paths we can go down.  Our thoughts lead to emotions that lead to actions and attitudes.  And we can choose which path to take.

We can choose to listen to the lies that Satan is throwing at us constantly which leads to feelings of depression, anger, hopelessness, doubt, and the like.  Which then leads to actions that push people people away, isolate us, selfishness, and generally tear down this fragile relationship we are working to rebuild.


We can listen to God’s Truths (here’s where the need for Bible verses comes in).  This leads to feelings of peace, hope, strength, humility, and a more right view of ourselves in God’s eyes.  Which then leads to actions that build this relationship, and reaching outside ourselves, selflessness, making the right choices, the strength to do this hard work.

But this is a BATTLE.  A moment by moment fight sometimes.  Sometimes I win, a lot of times I succumb to that enemy.  But we need to keep fighting.

So, do you have any favorite verses that I can put in my arsenal?  And I don’t mean “warm and fuzzy” verses.  I’m a realist.  I don’t need all “happy, happy, joy, joy” type things.  I need real, honest, hard truth.  This is a war people!  I’m not looking to feel better, I’m looking for weapons to FIGHT with!

And I need to be able to MEMORIZE these, so short and sweet is helpful.  This brain is getting old too!  😉

Thanks so much!


6 thoughts on “That dang brain!

  1. Joshua 1:9 – I like it a lot!

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    Or how about…

    “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

    Demolish the attacks and take captive every thought to Christ. Lay it at his feet. I know it’s a minute to minute battle sometimes.

    You can do it. Hang in there. 😉 Praying for you.

  2. Hey Vicky! First off, I wanted to say I love reading your blogs. They are so inspiring, and when times get tough..which they have..plenty of times, I read your blogs and get motivated. It really helps me remember that God IS always there, and always listening. And even though I’ve gone through times of doubt and just plain..not wanting to believe that because things sucked so bad, I knew it was true. You are a strong woman, and you inspire me! Now, about those versus… the first comment had mine. Joshua 1: 9- Have I not commanded you.. I used it as my baptism verse, and it runs through my head whenever I feel like I just can’t.

    • thank you so much bailie! i am so humbled that God has used my words to speak to you and inspire you. i am learning so much about who He is and that is the only way we can learn how to become more like Him. its’ a hard road, but i know it will be worth it later. i pray that God continues to guide you and you obey and follow Him as he molds you to be more like Him.

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