Trying to keep holding hands


This shelf is in our bedroom and holds momentos from this journey.  The bone on the end is something Tim picked up when we were at Blessing Ranch that means something significant to him (I won’t give away his secrets!).  The bottle of sand is the “union sand” we did at our renewal ceremony.  The photograph is also from our renewal ceremony (thanks to Keith Barger Photography).

I chose this photo for a very specific reason.

Keith took so many wonderful photos!  It was hard to sift through them all and find one for this shelf.  You can see a few of them here.  But when I saw this one, I was really drawn to it.

The photos of our faces were smiling, my hair was done special for the day, I was wearing more make-up than usual for the special occasion.  And of those factors are totally fine and acceptable and lovely!

But that isn’t life.  Not everyday life anyway.

And especially not life right now!

Day to day life is not full of perfect smiles, hair totally done and make-up just so.

Day to day life is full of sticky PB&J fingers, dirty dishes, dusty furniture, barking dogs, bed head, zits, laundry, temper tantrums, and tired eyes.

But we can choose to walk through all of that hand in hand.  Even when we are not smiling, or maybe even liking each other very much, we can get through it as a team.  We can take the hard steps holding hands.  Even if there aren’t smiles on our faces.  There may be tears running down our cheeks.  But we can keep living life holding hands.  Together.

I chose to print this photo for this shelf so that I can keep reminding myself of that.  I have to make the choice to “live life holding hands.”  If we work to do this together, with God guiding us and giving us the strength we need to do what we need to do, then we can keep going at least holding hands.  Some days that may be all we can do.  But some days…that’s enough.


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