It’s been too long!

It’s been far too long since I’ve written.  Probably not for you, but for me.  This is good therapy for me.  It gets thoughts, lessons, feelings, etc out of my head and helps me to process.

But I’ve been so busy lately.  I am working hard to get my graphic design business going and teaching myself how to build a website and sell digital files online.  Mind you, I have NEVER EVER done this before!!  So, after a TON of trial and error (mostly error, crying, frustration, yelling, and more crying) I am FINALLY almost done getting this website up!

This whole business/website thing came mostly from a fast Tim and I did about a month ago.

Fasting is a time you set aside to seek God, listen to Him, and sacrifice something in order to help that happen.  I chose to do a “Daniel fast” so I ate only fruits and vegetables.  And this was over Halloween!!!  NO CANDY?!?!?!

We were fasting because we really needed God to provide.  Tim was out of work and I don’t have a job so we were getting pretty scared about finances.  We took this time to ask God to provide Tim a job.

Well, that was the intent at the beginning anyway.

God has ways of switching things up on you!

During this fast I had people coming to me asking for design work.  And then a photographer friend talked to me about making templates for Christmas cards, baby announcements, etc that could be sold online to photographers for their clients.  Out of nowhere God was brining business to me.

We kept praying about Tim’s employment.

I noticed my prayers changing about his job throughout the fast.  At first I was praying specifically for his job.  Giving God ideas about how much he could be paid, who he would work with, etc.

But then my prayers started changing to asking God for whatever HE wanted, whatever HE thought was best.  AND that I would be able to be flexible and accept whatever God gave him.

FLEXIBLE???  HUH??  Where was THAT coming from?

But God was preparing me.  He was turning my heart to trust Him more.  To trust Him to provide for us.  To trust Him with what Tim was going to do.  Where he would work.  What his schedule would be.

And God knew I needed that preparation.  I couldn’t remain inflexible about what I thought was best.  I had to flex with whatever God would give.

Tim got a job with a GREAT sound, video and lighting company.  It is a job that uses his skills (I prayed for that, check), he has great people to work with – his boss is so amazing (I prayed for that, check), somewhere where He can share God with those around him (I prayed for that, check)….and the schedule is crazy!  We don’t know week to week sometimes when he will be working.  He has two 18 hour days coming this week!

I NEEDED to have my heart be changed and ready to be flexible with this job and not freak out because the schedule isn’t “normal” or planned out much in advance.

It is only part time now, but there is potential to go full time.  It is pretty much feast or famine so far.  As a part time employee he has had 2 weeks with 45+ hours, and then a couple weeks coming up with about 8 hours per week!

So, we will keep trusting and following God and resting in Him to provide.  Because He has never yet given us any reason NOT to trust Him with that.  Our bills have always been paid.  He has always taken care of us.

Sometimes we just need to be FLEXIBLE!


4 thoughts on “It’s been too long!

  1. Hey Vicky,
    I just wanted to say Hi. I hadn’t stopped by here in awhile. I hope you’re doing better. And, I wanted to share that my husband is a cameraman and I’ve lived with this kind of not knowing the schedule our entire lives we’ve known each other. I used to have the same kind of life so I at least knew what I was getting into. In terms of not being able to plan ahead or schedule things it can be hard, but you do get more used to it. Hang in there.

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