Adult Interactions

There’s too much going on in my head today to write a good post.  Things are not going well.  But there is more processing and prayer that needs to be done about all that.  Too much for right now.

I really miss blogging.  I just haven’t had the time lately.  THANKFULLY I am getting some work with VDub Designs so that is taking up most of my alone-computer-time.  But I miss blogging.  Processing life, taking a step back and looking at things for the outside, at least a little bit.  Using my brain for more stimulating thoughts than just interactions with a three year old.

Mosi of my time is spent talking to little people under 4 feet tall.  My brain is consumed with having to decide of this deserves a time out or not, watching a movie for the 8.12 zillionth time in a row, making meals, doing dishes, reading books (but only 30 pages or less and full of pictures), “take a bite Caleb”, “no Caleb”, “stop whining and use your words, Caleb”, “NO Caleb”, “let’s go potty, Caleb”, “NO CALEB”, “don’t open the door, Caleb, mommy is going potty” (yes, now anyone, no matter what age, goes “potty” AND that is the ONLY alone time I have these days)……you get the picture.

My only adult interactions seem to be through Facebook statuses or 140 characters or less on Twitter.  Tim works a lot of long hours and we are so wiped out by the time Caleb is finally in bed.

So, I wanted to post today just to feel like I’m “communicating” with people out there who are at least old enough to read!

Let me know you’re out there!!  🙂


11 thoughts on “Adult Interactions

  1. I’m out here…trekking along with you…feels like all I do is a lot of the same thing…I talk on the phone all day long so when I get home I don’t want to talk…LOL

  2. Im with ya on the kiddie lingo! Im at a day care all day with two and three year olds. I got the potty training, the talk, whines and everything else down pat and dont even have kids of my own! At least I can say im ready! Lol

  3. I’m here, sweet friend! I don’t get as much blog hopping done lately since I get sucked away from what I’m supposed to be doing, but I do catch your updates on FB.

    Love to you, and know you are not the only one who forgets what we ever said before “potty”.

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