“Make good choices!”

Parenting is a trial and error process…at least for me anyway!

Whoever coined the phrase “Terrible Twos” must not have had a three year old!  Age 3 is way harder than age 2 for me.  One of the things I’ve been trying is to help Caleb think about his actions and decide, “Is this a good choice?  Or a bad choice?”  (You’ll hear those phrases A LOT around out house these days!)  Sometimes when I drop Caleb off at school as I’m saying good-bye I’ll give him one last little reminder to “make good choices today, honey.”  So now, sometimes when I’m saying good-bye, before I say anything, he says, “good-bye mommy, make good choices”!

But this is not a post about parenting.

My counselor recently gave me an excerpt from a book about forgiveness.  I think I had it in my mind somehow that I couldn’t forgive Tim until I was healed, or not hurting, or had it ALL figured out or….something.  But this book was talking about the ability to forgive where I am today.  I don’t have to wait until I have EVERYTHING all together before I can say I forgive.  It was very freeing.

My counselor also talks a lot about a “Thought Exchange Process”.  When negative, unhealthy thoughts and memories enter my brain, as they OFTEN do, I need to choose to not only stop them, but replace them with something else.

One of my most powerful exchanges lately is choosing to forgive.  I have to do it often.  I need to “make a good choice”.  And it’s hard.  But when I can stop myself and pray, and remind myself of the truth that Tim is already forgiven by God, then I can make the choice to forgive him…again, and again and AGAIN.

It’s hard.  I say that a lot…everything is hard.

But it makes such a difference!  God has forgiven Tim, and He can give me the strength to forgive him as well.  EACH time I need to.  And when I forgive Tim, it takes the power AWAY from his bad choices, and gives it back to God, where I want to power to be.

Choices.  So many choices.  Each moment of each day.

So, when I pray with Caleb I not only pray for God to help Caleb make good choices, but I ask God to help Mommy make good choices too.  We both need help making good choices throughout our days!


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