I’m stealing this term from my friend Robyn.

She has such an amazing grasp on loving humanity.  I want to be like her when I grow up!!  She takes it to a deeper level.  And she is doing such a crazy amazing job at teaching this to her children!

I read some posts recently from her blog that just challenged me more.  I feel like I have empathy, love for humanity, but I just think she has it at a deeper level for sure!

This one talks about her view on her “job” as photographer.

This is the one I stole “personhood” from.

This is why I want to speak for those who don’t have water.  Because they deserve clean water.  And they deserve the training to provide that to those around them.  And to give them the satisfaction of having a job, and income, a skill that saves lives!

Think of how many times you use water.  Showers, baths, cooking, cleaning dishes, washing down those pills you have to take, quenching the thirst of your 3 year old who says “I’m thirsty, Mommy.”

There are too many parents who can’t quench their precious child’s thirst.

They are human.  Just as human as you and me.  And they deserve dignity.

We can help that Mommy have an answer for her little one that doesn’t  break her heart into a million pieces.  When that beautiful child looks up at his/her mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, they can say, “ok honey, let’s go get some water!”  And know that it is CLEAN!

And those seven little words can SAVE that child’s life!

And think of how the daddy feels who comes home knowing that he has a skill that provides for his family.  He has a job and a salary now!  He provides clean water for so many precious people.  He is doing something so that 4,000 children DON’T have to die today!

They are precious people, created in God’s image.  They have hopes, desires, dreams, skin, they feel pain and joy and hunger and THIRST.

They are WE!

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3 thoughts on “Personhood

  1. well then, i have no comment, except to say that really, you had to use the politics one, huh? =) I lost a follower within an hour for that one- I knew my risks, I weighed them, I chose the expansion of comprehensive (biblical) justice =)

    Oh, and your compliments are nuts, but whatever =)

    grace and peace-

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