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World Water Day was yesterday.  I joined my blog with the cause and together, with over 100 other bloggers, we raised over $20,000 in 24 hours to provide clean water to thousands in India!  And not only clean water, but training for handpump repair men.  They will now be able to get training to fix the broken water pumps and keep them working so that their clean water is not compromised, or unavailable.  AND a job and income for their families!!

When I found out that we DID raise the $10,000 that would be matched by The Prem Rawat Foundation meaning we raised $20,000….I literally had tears in my eyes!!  I think the only reason they didn’t come tumbling down my cheeks was because Caleb was around and my attention was divided.

But earlier in the day I sent this text to Tim:

I’m so discouraged.  I really wanted my blog to make a difference and raise money for World Water Day but I’m getting no comments and very little traffic.  I can’t do anything significant! 😦

Now, PLEASE don’t take this as a guilt trip!  Keep reading, because this IS going somewhere!

I know I don’t have a lot of readers, and that’s totally ok.  I do this blog much as a processing place for me.  If anyone else can learn some things with me, AWESOME!

But I REALLY wanted to make a difference.  I SO wanted to help change the lives of these precious people around the world.  And I found a way that I could do that with this blog.

But it didn’t seem like that happened.


God humbled me and gave me better perspective.

Robyn, the friend I wrote about a few days ago, does an AMAZING job helping her children have a biblical social justice awareness (is that a real phrase???).  I have a hard time with that.  I don’t know little kids well.  My degree is in working with jr. and sr. high students….NOT preschoolers!  So, I really struggle with this with Caleb.

But I wanted to try SOMETHING with him.  He’s getting older and I thought I would take a stab at trying to give him a little bit bigger of a world view – outside his own house!

So, at nap time before we prayed we talked about it.  I told him there are other little kids who don’t have water to drink when they are thirsty.  He likes juice and milk, so that is the context he understands and brought it to.  Hey, whatever works!  🙂

So we talked about it a little bit, talked about how we can help them even though they live far away, and how much God loves them and it makes Him happy and us happy to help them get water (and juice and milk) so they can be healthy.  I had no idea if he understood or absorbed any of that!

So, at bed time I took him upstairs to read his story and as he was crawling up on my lap he brought up “the kids who don’t have juice or milk or water”.  He actually remembered!!  And he said he wanted to share with them.  He also wanted to share his snacks and ice cream sandwiches with them (clarification note: the other day he and Tim were in line at the grocery store and Caleb was asking for ice cream and Tim told him no several times.  The woman in front of them in line was buying a few boxes of mini ice cream sandwiches and after paying for them gave a box to Caleb!  Tim and Caleb then talked about how she shared those with him, so he could share them with others.  He came up with Kyla and Corwin (his friends that I babysit on Mondays and Tuesdays)).

I was teary eyed again!  He actually remembered!  He grasped SOMETHING.  In his precious little brain he remembered us talking about kids who don’t have milk and juice and water and we can help them.

I WISH I could remember the whole conversation, but it was very segmented and…well….a conversation with a three year old….so I don’t remember how all our winding paths of conversation went.  But he remembered something!  It was another little drip of us trying to see people the way God does that seeped into his heart.

So, maybe my blog didn’t raise one dollar outside of what I gave.

But I’m ok with that now.

Because God DID use it to do something significant.

He opened my eyes to these precious people in India.  He opened Caleb’s eyes to these precious children who don’t have milk or juice or water….or ice cream sandwiches.  And he wants to share with them.


****But to those of you who DID give money or pray for these wonderful people….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  You changed lives you may never meet, but THAT is significant!!


6 thoughts on “Significance

  1. Vicky, beautiful perspective. I’m so thankful for your insight. You are raising Caleb with an awareness of the needs around him- you have no idea NOW how that may impact all of our THENS. He just may change the world because of your sweet spirit.
    Thank you friend. For this. And for yesterday.
    I read your post and I thought it was wonderful.


  2. What a great post. I had the same feeling yesterday too. I get comments on my blog when I write about other things, but after I posted yesterday about this project which is SO important I didn’t get a single comment. And really, it’s not about comments…it’s just wanting to know that people are reading and catching the vision for the things that are after God’s heart. And so it can feel disheartening when no one seems to respond. Or at least…no one we EXPECT to respond does. Then you have moments like you did with Caleb. Important, shaping, molding moments that are worth it ALL. So happy God is using your heart to shape Caleb’s. That’s beautiful!!

    • Thanks Amy! God has a great way of using things in ways we never expected them to be used! Glad He can get through all my issues to show me things now and then! 🙂

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