April Fool’s Day!

I totally forgot it was April 1 today.

Then I got a text from Tim about a prank he pulled on his boss today.  It was a good one!

He told his boss that someone stole all the gear for the events today and he didn’t know what to do about the gigs this weekend.  I’m dying to hear what his boss thought of this text!!

And it got me thinking about past April Fool’s Day pranks.  I couldn’t think of many that either I had pulled or were pulled on me.  But I remembered this one:

Tim and I were engaged over one April 1.  I was living in Michigan going to college and my family was all in Wisconsin.  I had decided to get married in Michigan because that’s where I was living and wanted to be able to plan the wedding and invite friends.  I didn’t want to have the wedding in Wisconsin since I wouldn’t be able to get home to plan any of it!  Anywhoooo….this did NOT go over well with my family.  ESPECIALLY my mom!

So, I called my mom on April 1 and told her how stressed I was with wedding planning and how overwhelmed I was and how expensive everything was…blah, blah, blah.  And then I told her Tim and I ELOPED!

The phone went SILENT!!

I’m surprised she didn’t have an instant heart attack on the spot!  Or that her brain didn’t explode out her ears!

I QUICKLY said “April Fools!!” so as to avoid the aforementioned heart attack and brain explosion.

Eventually she got over it. 😉

That was the best one I could dig out of my memories.

What was YOUR best April Fool’s Day joke – either that you played or was played on you?????

Lemme hear them!!!


2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day!

  1. I can’t think of anything that I’ve done that was particularly good, but my friend teaches first grade and every year the teachers used to give the kids a quiz on April fool’s day. The math quiz was a third grade level quiz and the kids would freak out. I think they stopped doing that joke because some of the kids really freaked out about it and started crying. Woops!

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