Who do I sound like?

I’m sitting here today trying to FOCUS.

But I get easily distracted.  Sometimes I distract myself on purpose.  Sometimes I just need a brain break.

Whatever the reason, I still need to FOCUS!

I am working on putting the finishing touches on my message for Inter Varsity at MSOE tomorrow.

I’m kinda nervous, kinda excited, all stressed!  This week has been unreal!

I knew it would likely be a tough week.  I’m really not into blaming satan for every broken fingernail and red light.  Some people, in my opinion, see EVERY negative thing as an “attack from satan”.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of that.

However, that is NOT to say that he doesn’t attack!  Cuz he sure does!

Anyway, this week he’s been going at it.  I knew he would.  I just didn’t quite know how to prepare for it outside of just knowing it was probably going to happen.

So, I have a few precious hours today to get this all together and ready to speak to some precious college students tomorrow.

And I’m having another identity crisis.

I keep thinking of other people I have seen teach.  I keep thinking of people who’s blogs I read.  I keep thinking, “how would they do it?  What would they say?  Would they be funny?  Serious?  Cute?  In-your-face?  How would they do it???”

I have to figure out how God wants ME to do it.  What voice He wants ME to have.

Will I make mistakes?  SURE!

Moses was pretty freaked out to speak too.  And he probably stuttered more than he wanted to.  But God asked HIM to do it knowing full well he would be scared and stutter.

So, I’m trying to let God show me MY unique voice and not try to be like everyone else.  Because that is THEIR voice.  Not mine.

And mine might shake.  I will likely cry.  I will probably lose my place in my notes once or twice (or more!).

But my desire is to share from my heart.  To get out of the way and let God speak to them.  I want the students to hear HIS voice and let Him change them!

This has been an amazing journey.  I have learned a lot as I study 1 Peter 5.  Here’s to hoping I don’t screw it up tomorrow!  😉


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