Hello Seattle….EVENTUALLY!

Ok, so I wrote this post on Tuesday but haven’t had time to get it up until now.  I hope to write some more this week….but so far I’m just having fun.  And nothing very “picture worthy” yet….but there are still many more days in Seattle!

I am interrupting my normal blog posts to journal my trip to Seattle!

My cousin moved to Seattle a couple years ago and I have never been there.  I haven’t been many places….but that’s beside the point!  😉

We had a bunch of flight vouchers (due to some terrible travel mishaps Tim ran into when traveling for a job) so he told me to cash them in and go visit Sarah!

It’s been stressful leading up to this trip.  Even though I don’t have a job (outside the home) there was still a lot to organize and prepare to leave that “job” for a week.  It was kinda crazy.  And on top of it, I was dreading leaving Caleb for a whole week!

So I wasn’t really terribly excited to go on the trip – not because I didn’t want to go, just because I didn’t have time to think about it!

So, I started traveling today at about 1:00CST.  I was due to leave Milwaukee at 2:51, catch a connecting flight in Minneapolis at 4:15CST and get into Seattle at 7:45 MST.

BUT…….there were storms in Minneapolis!

So, we finally boarded the plane at about 3:05.  I asked for an exit row seat.  My long legs do not fancy the “regular” row seats.  The only one left was a center seat.  I said I would take it, after all, the flight was only 45 minutes.  A center seat wouldn’t be too bad.

Mistake number 1!

We all got boarded and about 3:30 the nice, friendly pilot got on the intercom and welcomed us all, introduced himself, etc.  He then proceeded to tell us that our “wheels off the ground” time was pushed back to 4:45.


(I know, I know, you all feel so sorry for me, right?!?!  I am getting to travel and I’m complaining about my seat – RIDICULOUS!  But at the time it was kinda miserable!)

Did I mention I’m traveling alone?  I know, CRAZY!!  But it’s true.

I can get kinda lonely.  I was hoping I would have some friendly people to be sandwiched between.  This was not the case.  The guy to my left read the newspaper and worked on his iPad most of the flight.  The guy next to me was very quiet and fell asleep for a little bit.  I am a lot taller than he was and I SWEAR to you at one point when he was snoozing his head was so low I was SURE it was going to plop right on my shoulder.  So I started franticly trying to figure out what I would do if that happened!  Should I nudge my shoulder so he wakes up?  Should I lean forward so his head falls over and wakes him up?  Should I put my head on his and just have a nice little snuggle nap?  What’s a girl to do???  Fortunately he woke up and the shoulder incident never occurred.

So, outside of some turbulence when flying through the storm clouds (which my tummy was NOT a fan of) it was a fairly uneventful trip.  Uncomfortable, but fairly uneventful.  I perused the Sky Mall catalogue – there is some CRAZY stuff in there!!  And I want some of it!!

And then the end of the trip came.  Remember that “guy” I told you was dozing off on the plane.  Ya, that ended up being a WOMAN!  How would I know that???  We never made eye contact, she had very short hair and was wearing a pinstripe suit!!  SO glad I missed what could have been a very awkward interaction!

So, I arrived in Minneapolis about 5:00.  My 6:15 connecting flight is also delayed.  I will be leaving Minneapolis at 8:45, arriving in Seattle (HOPEFULLY) about 10:00 which is midnight home time.

So, I had two and a half hours to kill.

I realized I hadn’t eaten anything today but a tube of Hostess chocolate donuts and a snack bag of Cheetos.  Fortunately this LONG layover gave me time to get some dinner.

And now I am sitting in the Service Center writing a blog post about my trip thus far.

Did you know when they advertise “Wi-Fi Available Terminal Wide” it’s a LIE!  Oh, you can have wi-fi…..IF YOU PAY FOR IT!!!  SO cruel!  My phone registers wi-fi, but nothing worked…now I understand why!  I even looked up the price thinking maybe I would splurge a little.  It is $7.95 to have access at THIS terminal only for 24 hours.  What a rip off!!

And why do people get SO many reminders to go to their gates?  For the last 2 hours I have been here I have been hearing the same people being paged for a message, or to get to their gates or reminding people to board….for the love of Pete DONNA PAPA JUST GET ON YOUR PLANE ALREADY!

Seriously though, I am SO blessed to be able to travel!  To be able to spend some time with my cousin and a friend from college.  I get to see her life, meet her friends, see her new “hometown”, and get away from life for a little while!  I know it will be amazing!  I am looking forward to SLEEP, rest, time to read, write, pray, listen, enjoy the amazing scenery, just get out of the grind of life for a bit.  Life has been INTENSE for a long time now.  I am going to TRY to ENJOY life this week.

And, even with all the delays and everything, I was able to still just enjoy the trip.  I didn’t have to catch a flight in order to get to a conference, or meeting, or anything.  So, it was nice.  I could just enjoy the fact that I was traveling, safely so far, and relax a bit.  Sure, I would have loved to get into Seattle at an earlier time, but it’s not all that big of a deal, really.

But, man, I miss that little guy already!  I talked to him when I got to Minneapolis and it hurt my heart to hear his voice!  He is going to have SUCH a great time with Grama visiting from Detroit this week!  But I sure do miss him.

P.S. If you “friended” me on facebook, watch out – I have a feeling I may be posting a lot of pics this week!!  🙂


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