Seattle Adventures #1: Walking!

I really wanted to “record” my trip to Seattle.  For a few reasons, I want to remember it, and I’d love to share it with those of you who want to “come along with me”.

I started writing a post and it was getting SOOOO long!  I mean, really, how do you condense a whole week in a place you’ve never been into ONE post?!?!?

So I’m gonna split it up and include some pictures.  I hope you enjoy!  🙂

There was a chance my cousin was going to have a job when I visited, so I was thinking I would have all this time in coffee shops to just read, write, be quiet, etc.  That didn’t happen!  We were too busy having too much fun!  😉  (She had two AMAZING interviews while I was there.  I’m anxious to hear how the second interviews go today and tomorrow! 🙂

So, my first installment of Seattle Adventures…..

Walking:  I actually love walking.  I don’t believe in running, but I like going for walks!  One of the things I loved about Seattle (at least where my cousin lives) is that you can walk to SO many places.  And you HAVE to!!  Parking there gives me a headache and a stomach ache!  And on top of that….I would ALWAYS lose my car, forgetting where I parked it!  But that’s beside the point….back to walking….

Walking all over is awesome!  You can see all the shops and stores, restaurants, unique and awesome people, people playing music everywhere….it’s pretty great in a lot of ways!  And on top of it, great exercise!

The drawbacks….HILLS!!!!  Ridiculous HILLS EVERYWHERE!!  I am SO out of shape.  I knew that before going to Seattle, but Seattle just slapped it in my face everywhere I went!  There were times it literally felt like you were climbing.  When someone in Seattle says, “it’s only about 10 blocks away”…BEWARE!!  Those could literally be 10 blocks going straight up!

There was one time we were walking down the sidewalk and this guy in front of us was smoking something and the big puffs of smoke were assaulting our faces behind him.  It didn’t smell like a cigarette so I asked Sarah what that was – I was thinking it was a cigar or pipe or something.  NOPE!  Sheltered little Vicky didn’t know what pot smelled like!  He was smoking a joint walking down the sidewalk!  Apparently that is the least “bad” offense in Seattle.  For example, smoking is not allowed in buildings or 25 feet from the front door.  So, if two people are smoking near a door to an establishment and one of them is smoking a cigarette and one is smoking a joint, the cigarette smoker will get arrested first!  That is just NOT what I am accustomed to!

I wish I could move to Seattle simply for the great exercise!  I think I would lose quite a bit of weight!  😉


3 thoughts on “Seattle Adventures #1: Walking!

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