A little fun!

Shutterbox Booth pics...Tim and I with Lady Gaga! This Shutterbox thing is WAY fun!

I’m not good at “networking”!  It’s hard for me to “promote” myself.  Which is a bit of a challenge when you are trying to start a business!!

So, in this post, please forgive the self promotion and links to my website.  Have grace with me, cuz there is some fun to the event too!  

Last night Tim’s company put on a great event!  They do sound, video, lighting, event production, etc.  And they do it WELL!  They had a “thank you” party last night to say thanks to all the schools, non-profits, etc who work so hard to plan auctions and other fundraisers.  It was also a chance for them to show some of the creativity they can come up with for an event.  And they are creative!  They turned their offices, warehouse and garage into a beautiful event location.  (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures!  I’m gonna have to get some from Tim.)

The theme was Lady Gaga and I got to design their invitations, thank you notes, screen projection backgrounds and everything.  It was SO fun!  And it was SO WONDERFUL to see them really USE the design.  They used it everywhere they could to keep the event cohesive which I think is stupendous!  It was on everything from the invite to the screen projection to table signs to NAMETAGS!

They even had a girl there dressed as Lady Gaga and singing a few of her songs!

I even wore a DRESS which almost NEVER happens.  In fact, I had gotten dressed while Caleb was napping and when he woke up his first words were, “Mommy, why are you pretty?”

Ya, maybe I should get out of the jeans and t-shirt every once in a while?

Anyway, it was just a fun night.  Tim and I got to be “out” together.  Even though it was for work, we still had a lot of fun.

OOOO, back to the “networking/self promotion” thing.  I was there to be able to “promote” VDub Designs to all of these potential clients.  I didn’t do too great at that.  I only handed out one business card….bad business owner, BAD!

BUT, it was still some good connections, and it got my toe in the water anyway.  And a fun night out!


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