I get to be part of a blog tour!!!

Today this was waiting for me on my doorstep:

When Tim first confessed his affair to me Cindy Beall’s blog was one of the first people people who was referred to me.  Her husband was a pastor at LifeChurch in Oklahoma when he confessed to her that he had a porn addiction, multiple affairs, and his most recent affair resulted in a pregnancy.  I was able to read much of her story, how she felt, how she got where she was, and what God has done in her and their relationship. She’s even been gracious enough to answer my emails filled with questions!

I get to read this book and be part of her blog tour sharing about her book! (You can purchase it here!)

I was SOOOOO excited to finally get her book!

So, I talked to Tim today and told him I got the book.  His first words to me:

“So are you excited or scared?”

Why would I be scared??  I get to be a part of helping her get her book out, I get to read it before the rest of the books go out, I get to be connected to a celebrity!! (Ok, well, she’s popular, so she’s a bit of a celebrity to me.  And I’m not popular, so that’s pretty cool to me!  Ya, I’m a dork, I know!)

So, now that he said that, I’m scared to read it!


Why did he have to do that????

It probably will bring up a lot of hard stuff.  HARD. STUFF!!!

But, dealing with that hard, crappy, messy sludge helps to heal, grow, and move forward.

Remind me of that, will you???


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