Creativity for a Cause


That word is filled with pain.  It is one of the most abhorrent acts humans have done to one another.

Humans are NOT property!  We are not to be bought and sold!  Our innocence should not have a price tag and go to the highest bidder!

I have gotten bits of information through the last few years about how human and sex trafficking is STILL going on today….in HUGE numbers!  All over the world…including in the USA!

Men, women, and so many CHILDREN are being bought and sold and forced to do unspeakable things.

Children are being sold by their families in order to pay bills!

Women and children are told they are being hired for a job, shortly afterwards finding out they were just tricked into sex slavery and being forced to have sex with anyone who will pay for them.

I have not done anything up until this point because it is SO overwhelming to me.  I can’t even explain the pain I feel anytime I read about any of this.  I think of how desperate a parent must feel to “sell” their own child into slavery.  And then what happens to those sweet innocent children…

It breaks my heart into a million pieces.

And I’m one, tiny, insignificant person.  What can I do???

Well, I’m starting to do SOMETHING.  Hopefully it will balloon into more….but it has to start SOMEWHERE.

My business, VDub Designs, will now be giving 10% of everything made to International Justice Mission.  You can read about it Creativity for a Cause here and also donate there directly if you’d like.

If you want to know a little more about what IJM does, watch this video.  I promise you won’t regret it…except that your heat strings may get tugged too.  And you may not be able to sit by and do nothing.


One thought on “Creativity for a Cause

  1. Vicky, I have such a heart for human trafficking. It just breaks my heart that this is going on in this day. And some of the children are just babies. I think it’s wonderful what you are doing by donating a percentage of your profits to IJM! May the Lord bless you and show you His favor!

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