I want these words to be mine someday!

This is a small excerpt from Cindy Beall’s blog post entitled “Life After Adultery“:

If you’ll allow me, I’d love to encourage you today. You may not like the path you are on right now. You may wonder when God will step in and sweep you away from the turmoil you are experiencing. You may have no idea how things will turn out and how you’ll ever get over what you need to get over. You may want the storm to subside and be removed altogether.

Ask God to calm you instead. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

I know this well.

Those are powerful words to me as I sit here.

I have been VERY caught up in the storm for a while now.  I have stopped asking God for help and trying to fix things on my own.  I’ve tried to figure out how bills will get paid, how decisions will be made, how to fix the messes we are in…mostly on my own.  With my own knowledge.

And it just doesn’t work.

The storm gets bigger, the winds blow harder, the skies grow darker, and the thunder booms louder.

I need to ask God to calm me.

I need to look for Him, cling to Him, and trust Him in the winds and the storms.

Because we aren’t through this yet.

But I need God to calm me.  To carry me.  To show me what to do and then TRUST Him to do it.

I wish I could just be where Cindy is sitting right now!


But it doesn’t work that way, does it??  😉

Hopefully……ONE day!!


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