We are having a baby………

G I R L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It still hasn’t really set in.  It still doesn’t totally seem real!  We’ve been hoping for a girl, praying for a healthy girl, dreaming about having a girl.  And now we really are!

We are just having the two kids and we really would be happy with two healthy kids no matter what they are!  But, if we were allowed a preference, we wanted one of each.

It’s hard to believe that God is blessing us with that wish!

The ultrasound went great!  She is healthy, developing well, no problems have been seen yet at all!  All praise to God for a healthy little one!

I went into the ultrasound nervous and excited.  My mom, Tim, and Caleb were there, and my sister was on the phone so she could listen in even though she couldn’t be there!  The tech was wonderful (I’ve never had a bad one there!).  I told her when I laid down we are staying until we find out the gender, so get comfy!  😉

Our audience for the ultrasound! We always have such a great sonographer!

She took all her measurements, we got to see and hear the heartbeat (such a WONDERFUL sound), we saw her brain, her kidneys, her little hands, feet, legs, arms…..everything looked just as it should!  She is about 10 ounces right now which is the 73rd percentile.  I am told that is good and not too big, so that’s good.  (Being diabetic I am always a little concerned about the baby getting too big too fast)

Her lovely profile!

She even turned on the 3D for a minute! There's our little princess sucking her thumb!

The tech was trying so hard to get a good angle to find the gender, but as with the NT scan, she was not cooperating too well.  The tech already had all her measurements so she was just trying to find those parts.  Finally, she said she thinks she sees three white dots.


Then she said she things she sees the three lines that make up the labia.

My heart jumped!!  Does that really mean…..is she sure????  And, PLEASE, why do you have to use that word???  That is my child you are talking about!!  Don’t say that word!!!

The tech said she is pretty sure that it is a girl, but she will have the perinatologist come in and check to make sure.  I was trying so hard to not get too excited until we knew for sure.

So, after a long wait laying on that table, the peri finally comes in the room and does his look.  He said everything looks good.  Which is WONDERFUL news!!!  But….I’m still waiting for that confirmation!  He finally says, “Yup, looks like a girl.”  We all are SO excited!

I ask the big question.  This is the one where I will know just how sure they are that it is in fact a girl.

“Dr., can I go buy a dress today???”

After some laughing, he said yes, I could!!!!

It was OFFICIAL!!  We are, indeed, having a GIRL!!

Caleb is going to have a little sister!  I think he is going to be such an amazing big brother!  He has some tender parts of his heart that I think are going to fiercely love and protect his little sister.  I have already been praying this morning for their relationship.  That God will give them a special bond.  That they will have a love and care for each other that can’t be broken.  I know they will be siblings and fight and all that….but I pray that they deep down watch out for one another, admire one another, teach one another.

It’s still hard to believe.  I don’t think it’s totally sunk in yet!

Last night my mom took Caleb overnight and Tim and I got a DATE NIGHT!  We went shopping for girl stuff!  Up until yesterday we looked at the girl clothing section at stores with such disdain!  The selection of cute girl stuff is three times the amount for boys!  We loathed the large selection they got, and the tiny amount of choices we had for Caleb.

Until last night!!!

We were both oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing and swooning over everything!!  It’s almost overwhelming!  There are SO MANY wonderful choices for little sweaters, skirts, leggings, headbands, shoes, tights, jeans with little flowers embroidered on them……o just SOOOOO MANY!!!  We have been offered many hand-me-downs so we didn’t want to buy much last night.  Tim had to cut me off, cuz I wanted to buy everything I saw!  But we bought ONE thing….I couldn’t help it!

How cute are these little bootie slippers????


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