Almost HALF my life!!

Today is the 15 year anniversary of our first date!

I’ve been with Tim for almost half of my entire life!

That is a sobering thought!!  😉

In an effort to push the sadness aside and look for the beauty in this season, I’m going to focus on our first date SO many years ago.

I met Tim my sophomore year in college.  He was a friend of a friend and we were on the drama team together.  He was a funny guy and easy to talk to.

I dated a guy most of my freshman year of college and we broke up over the summer.  It was a tough break up and hurt pretty bad, so I was not really interested in dating again for a while.  I told God I didn’t want to date again until it was the man I was going to marry.  I just didn’t want to go through that over and over and over.

So, Tim was interested in another girl on the drama team and I was giving him “tips” to woo her.  Things a guy should know about what a girl would like, ya know?  Doing what I could to help this guy out.  That was all it was.

Tim and Karen spent a little one on one time together outside the bookstore at school (it was all we had for a “common area”) and realized they were not dating material for one another.  They were good people, friends, just not for one another to DATE.

No biggie really.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Tim and I kept hanging out.  We spent time together on the drama team.  But nothing more than friends.

One day, Tim asked if he could talk to me.  It was the middle of the day and almost no one was in the dorm.  So, he and I sat in the “living room” of the dorm across from one another at a table.  He told me he wanted to date.  He wanted to be more than friends.


Now, I had only had two boyfriends before this!  I was NEVER “pursued” in high school.  I never had anyone interested in me.  This was SO new and foreign to me!  I didn’t know how to turn someone down!  I’ve never had to do that before!

But I told him I just wasn’t interested in dating right now.

And then I told him I was going to be late for class so I had to go.

And I left.  Left him crying in the dorm…..alone.


It was so awkward.  I was so awkward.  I didn’t know how to handle this!

We all had student mailboxes at our college.  It was a SMALL college.  I’m a little ashamed to admit how small!  But there was a wall of boxes and we each had a mailbox so the school could put info in there for us.  I suppose it cut down on postage a bit.

We also used them to communicate with each other.  Friends could leave notes in your box….which was a MAJOR highlight to any day!  (I still remember….my mailbox number was 316 and Tim’s was 326)

So, during class, all I could think about was what Tim and I had just talked about and how crummy I felt.  When I got out of class I checked my mailbox and there was a card it in.

From Tim.

On the inside he wrote something to the effect of him still wanting to be friends and being willing to wait for me.

My heart melted.  He was good at being romantic and thoughtful in those days!

Not too long after that Tim asked if I wanted to go to a cider mill with him.  I had never heard of a cider mill.  I don’t think we have those in Wisconsin, but they are all the rage in Michigan!  Fall STARTS when you go to a cider mill!

So on Saturday, October 5, Tim picked me up at the dorm in his black 1974 Impala.  This car was HUGE!  Like humasively ginormous!  It was his baby!  He LOVED that car, and was SO proud of it!  He loved driving around in that land yacht and just thought he was the coolest!

We drove to a cider mill and enjoyed wonderful hot apple cider, warm cinnamon sugar doughnuts, great conversation, lots of laughs, and tons of bees!  Apparently, because of all the wonderful sugar around, bees are an inevitable part of the cider mill experience.

We took a beautiful walk next to a stream and admired the fall colors.  The weather was lovely and the day was just right.

My substitute version for today!

And now, FIFTEEN years later, we still have apple cider and doughnuts on this day!  Most every year we have gone to a cider mill or at least had some cider together at home.  (Insert my mom singing “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof here!)

Unfortunately, today Tim is working a 15 hour day.  We actually won’t see each other until Saturday with his work schedule this week.  So, I bought some cider and doughnuts yesterday and made sure he took some to work today.  I’m hoping we can “share” some at the same time.  We will be in different places, but maybe we can keep the tradition alive, sort of.

These fifteen years have been intense.  But we have had some great laughs.  We have made a lot of memories, some great, some not so great.  I hope to add some more fun and laughs to our life again in the days, months, years to come.



Happy anniversary, honey.  We’re getting old, but at least we’re getting old together!


3 thoughts on “Almost HALF my life!!

  1. YEAH! I want to print a copy of this for Caleb’s and (Desiree????) memory book! Keep on these good thoughts and allow God to deminish the bad. Keep on the the path of God and things will turn around to better days!!

    Love Mom

  2. How WONDERFUL!!!! How awkward…and exciting…how excitingly awkward the dating stage of relationships are. I love it! Reading your story gave me the same tummy swirls that I feel when I think of my and Ray’s dating days. Congrats!

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