Adara Grace has arrived!

As I write this Adara is four weeks old.  And I’m just now, finally, getting around to writing her birth story.  I have wanted to do this for weeks now, I just haven’t had time, or clarity of thought to do it!

Adara Grace came into the world on February 7 and 12:07am after almost 16 hours of labor.

My water broke at about 8:30am on February 6.  Caleb and I were just getting ready to walk out the door to go to school.  All of a sudden I felt something that made me go, “hmmmmmm!”  Tim had left for work about 30 minutes before this.  I called him and told him I think he needed to turn around.  He got home in about 10 minutes.  Tim called my sister to come over and take Caleb to school and I called my mom to let her know this was it!  Everyone convened on our house at about the same time as I was trying to make sure everything I needed was packed in my suitcase.

It was hard to believe this was actually happening!  I was terrified and excited at the same time.  The very next day is when I supposed to have an ultrasound to see how big the baby was and also have my appointment with my doctor to see if I could attempt a VBAC and when I would schedule my induction.  (Because I am type 1 diabetic I could not go past 39 weeks which would have meant I would be induced by February 10)

Caleb was off to school, and Tim and I were off to the hospital!  I didn’t start having hard contractions right away.  I called the doctor’s office so the hospital would know we were coming.  I also called my Maternal/Fetal Medicine office to cancel my ultrasound appointment for the next day.  I guess I was trying to keep “busy” so I didn’t freak out at the fact that I was about to birth a human!

By the time we got to the hospital contractions were starting.  We got into the labor and delivery room and started getting all hooked up.  There is a long slew of questions they have to ask and it took us a couple hours to get through them due to interruptions for procedures and also intense contractions!

This was my last "belly picture"! 38 weeks 3 days

My labor accomodations

I labored for about four hours before finally succumbing to an epidural.  When I got to the hospital my desire was to wait.  I wanted to see if I could make it without an epidural.  That was NOT going to happen!  I was having problems with my blood pressure so they made me lay on my side.  That made the contractions much worse!  The ONLY way I could barely get through them was by having Tim rub my lower back with ALL of his might!  I mean he had to grind his fist as hard as he could into my back for me to get any minute sense of relief.  I even needed him to do it in the brief moments between contractions.  He was not going to make it.  And neither was I.

So, the epidural came.  AHHHHHHHH, sweet relief!!!  It was amazing!!  I had to keep moving from one side to the other for my blood pressure and so the medicine didn’t all “pool” on one side of my body.  At one point for a while it stopped working on my right side and oooooooooooooo did that hurt!  We finally got it working again and my sweet relief was back!

Getting my epidural...concentrating very hard on not moving and breathing through contractions!

The hours kept ticking by.  Hour after hour after hour with no baby.  I went through three nurses’ shifts before having this baby!  I was progressing, and enough to not need pitocin, but it was just slow.  My mom and Caleb came to visit in the afternoon (thankfully RIGHT after the epidural kicked in or else they would NOT have been able to come in!).  Thanks to the epidural I was even able to text a friend throughout the day!  The hours dragged on.  Tim was even starting to get annoyed and bored I think!

My gourmet ice chips....all I got to eat or drink for almost 30 hours!

Finally, about 11:15pm it was time to push.

This was a BIG deal!  I had a c-section with Caleb and so desperately wanted to avoid that with this one.  But, at the same time, I was terrified of what was about to happen!  I mean, I was going to push a what out of where???

And I was SO exhausted!  It had been 14 hours of labor already.  I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for at least 28 hours.  The exhaustion was so intense.  I wondered if I would even have the ability to push!

But push I did!  For just over an hour.  And Tim cried a little as he got to see her being born.  The epidural kept me from experiencing any pain and allowed me to focus on using any energy I could muster to push….then collapse and suck on my oxygen between contractions.

Once she was born I told Tim to go with her and take pictures.  When I heard her cry I started bawling.  I always saw women on TV do that and I didn’t really understand why.  But I couldn’t help myself.  It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard!  Each time she cried, I cried.  I wanted to see her so bad!  It was a good 30 minutes before I could see or hold my little girl!  Tim later told me that she wasn’t crying the way she should have and they had to do a little more work on her to get her breathing well and make sure everything was ok.  No one told me this as I was waiting and begging to see and hold her!

But then I finally got to see her and hold her.  She was SO beautiful.  She looked EXACTLY like Caleb when he was first born.  I mean seriously, EXACTLY the same!  Like freakishly similar!  I had to keep reminding myself that this was a girl and not Caleb in my arms!

It was an amazing experience!  It was totally different than my experience with Caleb.  I’m so thankful I was able to have the VBAC I wanted.  It was very empowering!

And now, we have an amazingly gorgeous and precious daughter!  Our sweet Adara Grace!



4 thoughts on “Adara Grace has arrived!

  1. Oh my goodness! Congratulations. For some reason, your blog was not coming through my Reader until tonight, unless I just totally missed it. What a beautiful baby girl!

  2. This is so close to my own experience! I also spent 30 hours in labor, and a little over an hour pushing. And my little brother, who is 20 years younger than me, is named Caleb. Congrats to your family!!! She is beautiful. The last picture melts my heart!

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