In preparation

It’s hard to feel so helpless.

There isn’t much I can do for her.  I feed her, change her, and do the best I can to play with her and comfort her.

And pray.

I’ve decided to pray for her doctors and nurses.  Everyday.

I’m praying that God would work out for her to have JUST the right surgeon and nurses in the ICU.  That He would, even now, be working out their schedules for whichever day she has her surgery.  That He would be preparing them for her.  That she would get just the right doctors and nurses she needs.

And also that God would give us the surgeon, doctors and nurses who need to meet Him.  I’m praying that we could show God to those around us that week that we are in the hospital for her surgery.  That we could demonstrate God’s love to the nurses, doctors, other families who are there with us that week.

Just simply that God could use Adara, use us in all of this for whatever He can.  I don’t know what He has planned through all this.  But I’m praying that we would allow Him to use us.  That God would touch the lives of those we come into contact with through this whole journey.

And that He would use Adara’s precious heart to point people to Him.

My sweet little angel! I finally caught a bit of a smile on camera!


2 thoughts on “In preparation

  1. Oh Vicky, I am right behind you Honey. I will be praying for those things as well. God bless your little family and keep you in his care. We Love you all.

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