Lightening it up….

I have been so wonderfully overwhelmed by comments, messages and emails about my last blog post Lost.  I am not alone!  WE are not alone.  I have some ideas brewing about follow up to that, but tonight I am way too tired to formulate those ideas into what I want them to be, so…….

Let’s lighten it up just a bit!

I’m doing a 5K in ONE WEEK!!  The Color Run!!

At each K they throw a new color powder on you!  So, by the end, you are a beautiful, crazy rainbow of color!  How fun does that sound?????


I saw this on facebook in June.  I sent the info to my sister because I knew it was something she would love.  I was tempted to do it, but needed a push.

See, I DO NOT RUN!!! I have never run!!!  Even in gym in school, this girl, right here, did NOT run.  I don’t believe in running!  I thought people who voluntarily ran for exercise or ENJOYMENT {shudder} had a couple of screws loose!

That was 8 weeks ago.

My sister was determined to do it, with or without anyone else.  Ya know how I said I was interested but needed a push?  Well, I wasn’t going to let her have all the fun!

So, we registered!

And then I freaked!!

You don’t HAVE to run this.  This 5K is all about silly, crazy fun.  But I didn’t want to just drag along for 3 miles and take forever to do it.

If I decide to do something, I’m going to DO IT!

So I downloaded the “Couch to 5K” app and started “training”!  It breaks up your time into running and walking intervals.  I could not even do all the running intervals the first couple days!  I COULD NOT RUN FOR ONE MINUTE!!!


I am so in awe that I am doing this!

I will even say…….{GULP!}……..that I look forward to running!!!


I actually did!

It’s great stress relief, it’s a little time to myself a couple times per week, and it’s changing my body in good ways!  And it’s given me some time to pray and convince myself that God is still with me when I’m wheezing, dripping, and my legs feel like they just can’t move one more step.  God has helped me to take one more step, and another, and another….until that beautiful voice on my app says, “Slow down and walk”!

I’ve tried to use that analogy in my daily life too.  “God is with me.  I can take another step toward/for/in……..  Keep going!  Don’t stop yet.  That voice to rest IS coming, but for now, God, help me take another step!”

I’m going to keep running after this is over!

And one week from tonight I will be covered in glorious colored powder and will have CONQUERED a 5K!  Some will be run, some WILL be walked, but I will FINISH!  And it will be a BLAST!


3 thoughts on “Lightening it up….

  1. Do you have a jogging stroller? If you do we should go jogging sometime when our boys are in school! I’m slower than molasses (Tahd walks faster than I run) but it would be nice to have an occasional running companion! Which, speaking of running, I’d really like to do it again. My last run was in early July, I think! Good job on all your training! I hope the run is super fun!

    • I would LOVE that! We would be perfect running buddies because I “run” as slow as people who walk!!! It’s embarrassing, but it’s the best I can do! 🙂 If I can get my hands on a jogging stroller we will DEFINITELY go while the boys are in school! That would be stupendous! I want to RUN the whole Color Run next year so I have to start training again NOW! 🙂

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