I am a Color Runner!

In my last post I was talking about how excited I was for the Color Run.

Well, I did it!!!  And it was a BLAST!!

I walked much more than I would have liked, but I did the whole thing.  See, while I was “training” at home I was running on all flat surfaces.  Miller Park has lots of hills!  This was something I was not expecting or prepared for.  So I walked all the hills!

Next year…..next year I will RUN the WHOLE thing!  I’m going to start training NOW for next year!  🙂

We had so much fun!  My sister and her friend ran it with me.  They are in great shape and at least 100 pounds LIGHTER than me, so I encouraged them to run ahead of me and I’d meet them at the finish line!  But we did the first 3K together – they were great sports and just wanted us to have fun together.

Wendy, Jeni and I all clean and white!


My sister and I painted our nails the night before to get into the spirit!


We also decorated her Jeep with colored ribbons!


After the run and Finish Line Festival. Every 15 minutes there is a big color throw. MORE color! It was fantastic!


This baby is getting framed!


Oh yea! That’s a lot of color!


This is how the parking lot looked the NEXT DAY! AFTER being cleaned up! I LOVE it!!

All in all a FANTABULOUS experience!  My mom even got in on the fun!  She was throwing color at the 3K marker!

We can’t wait until next year!!










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