‘Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

This weekend has been intense for me.

Caleb had some great, special fun!!  Friday we spent the day with my Grama, his Yia-Yia and Papou.  He then got to spend the night and they did some awesome fun stuff all day Saturday! Then on Sunday we took him to his very first Brewer’s game with Auntie Heidi!  It was a weekend full of special fun for Caleb!

I spent Saturday while he was gone cleaning.  And I spent today cleaning.  I had this overwhelming desire to clean and organize the whole house before school started.  I wanted everything to be PERFECT for Caleb to start school so he would be in a calm, clean, soothing environment.  I cleaned his room so he could have no clutter when he tried to get a good night’s sleep before school tomorrow.

And I think I kept cleaning and doing things today because I needed to stay moving!  I was afraid if I stopped I would crumple up in a ball and weep!

And, ya know, Caleb doesn’t notice if the house is clean!  He doesn’t care if things are put away or not!

But this is a big deal for me!  I’ve never had a child go to school before.  Kindergarten is different than preschool.  Kindergarten is all day.  Every day.  He will eat lunch at school.  Without ME!

This growing up thing stinks!  No one asked my permission for them to get so big!  Tonight is Caleb’s night before Kindergarten AND Adara moved up to her bigger bathtub.  REALLY?!?!  BOTH had to happen tonight???  NOT FAIR!!!

Caleb is so excited though!  And there is a part of me that is excited for him.  He is going to get to make new friends, experience new things, become more independent and more and more of who God has made him to be.

I can’t wait to hear about his first day.  His first week.  His first month.  His first friends.  His first homework.  His first lunch.

I keep praying for him, for his protection, for his teacher, for his protection, that he will choose good friends, that he will be protected, that he will have fun, that God will protect him…..do you see a theme here??  Worry much??

It was hard to pack his lunch tonight though!  My baby is growing up!


One thought on “‘Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

  1. AWWWWWW – It makes me remember the first day of your all day school. I went home and cried. It is hard when you have them for 5 years – then just send them off to strangers for the whole day. I believe he will do very well – just as you did. Praise God that He knows what Caleb needs during the day – giving Caleb protection and walks with Caleb along this new journey. Love you Vic.

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