My big boy!

Well, we survived.

This morning I sent my first baby off to kindergarten.

He did great this morning following his new picture schedule.  I took pictures of each thing he does throughout the day and posted them in order on the fridge.  This way he can check his schedule to see what is next.  He loved going over to his schedule to see what he had to do next this morning getting ready for school.

He was anxious to leave.  He kept asking if we could go yet!


We got there to drop him off and they have each class line up and go into the school as a class.  Caleb seemed to be putting on a brave face, but he stayed close to us.  As we were crossing the street he said, “I’m brave!”  But as we were waiting in line he didn’t want to let go of our hands.

So, now, I just pray.  I had to let him go.  Let him be his own person and navigate this new phase by himself.

I’ve been praying for him to feel God’s presence today.  That he would hear God’s voice.  That God would protect him, give him peace and joy, and a great day!  I’m also praying for his teacher.  This has to be an intense day for her too.  PLUS, her first born started K4 today (in a different district) and she couldn’t take her.  AND she has an 11 week old baby she had to leave.  So, she’s got a lot of emotions going on too!

I can’t wait to hear about his day!!!


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