I can’t help it!!

The three of us went to the playground the other day and they were just so cute and I got some sweet pictures of them!

I’m gonna be “THAT” parent and photo bomb you!  Feel free to skip this if you aren’t into it….but it’s YOUR loss!!  😉

He LOVES the slide!!


My little model baby!


I can’t get enough of this one! It’s amazing how much Caleb loves his sister!! This was her first time down the slide! Caleb held her all the way down! (Don’t worry, I had my hand on them too! 🙂


This was the first time she swung on the swing! She LOVED it!!


Caleb wanted so badly to push his sister on the swing! He got a little over zealous at times, but he did pretty well! So sweet!


Look at those CHUBBY thighs!! With everything she’s been through I NEVER thought I would see chub on her! Thank you God for healing my sweet baby!


I can’t get enough of that sweet face!






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